Glee S6 Ep7 “Transitioning”

Who's next on The Mercedes Mentoring Wheel?

Who’s next on The Mercedes Mentoring Wheel?

We’re officially halfway through the final season of Glee, and it’s been a quick-moving ride as we hit on all the unfinished business that needs resolution on the way to the epic happy ending(s). “Transitioning” is aptly named, as people begin to move into the next phase of their lives and relationships – some reluctant, some confused, some eager.

We open on “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi, as Clint (Max George) leads Vocal Adrenalin through their paces. In a voice over, we hear from Mr. William Schuster, enumerating all the awesome parts of being the VA coach. Big money, company car, nutritionist, massages, boosters bearing space age strollers for dear little Danny. It’s a dream come true! If only his kids weren’t soulless autobots who step over their fallen comrades like villains out of a Saturday morning cartoon.

Nonetheless, all the benefits and perks aside, Will admits he misses the camaraderie of New Directions. Also? The pressure to win – from the kids who seem to do nothing but rehearse and eat their young to the boosters who expect a victory – is immense.

Emma (Hi Emma!) and Will take Danny on a walk through the park. She’s supportive of his job – so long as he’s happy and fulfilled. Will’s plan is for the long term. He can’t just jump in and change the culture. He wants to combine the resources of VA with the heart of New Directions – the ultimate ShowChoir.

Side bar: I have a theory – which I’m not sharing – but let me just say, I’d like to take a highlighter over that line of dialogue and keep it safe for the future.

Moving on!

Life is good, says Will before he and Emma react in horror.

How dare you, VA? How dare you?

How dare you, VA? How dare you?

Blaine and Rachel, egged and looking quite unhappy, appear in their path. What happened!? Well, it seems VA is still upholding the fine tradition of egging the other teams’ coaches!

Flashback to a slo-mo vision of Blaine and Rachel in the parking lot (of somewhere, they don’t teach at the same school) being pelted by eggs courtesy of VA. Also why are Clint and one other guy wearing shiny blue jackets from the 60’s?

Oh my God you guys, VA is in so much trouble. Mr. Schue has broken out the white board!

VA totally doesn’t give a crap about Will’s anger over the egging incident, and titter, eye roll, and sigh through his admonishment. This week, they’ll take turns singing songs about Tolerance and he’s kicking it off with a Vocal Adrenalin alumni!

Dim the stage lights and welcome back…Unique Adams (Alex Newell)!! – helping Will sing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love.” Alex and Matt Morrison sound great together and well done, Mr. Schue, for actually finding a song to match the lesson nicely!

Warning: Mr. Schue raps.

The song ends and…no one is moved. Girl!Clint declares they don’t care about who is LGBT or whatever. They care about winning, so please shut up so they can practice for Sectionals!

Hold up, says Boy!Clint. This is perfect! If they can convince the New Directions they are intolerant bastards (instead of just bastards) they’ll go into Will Schuster mode and waste a whole week singing songs about it!

If Unique can't change hearts and minds in that dress, VA is truly dead inside.

If Unique can’t change hearts and minds in that dress, VA is truly dead inside.

Clearly, Clint’s been watching Glee the past few years.

Back at McKinley, Sheldon Beiste (Dot Marie Jones) makes his first appearance! Today, we learn in voiceover, is the first day he’s living the life he’s always wanted. (After a trip to Men’s Warehouse because he’s looking quite dapper.)

So dapper that Sue declares she almost mistook him for a still virile James Garner. Sam is super psyched to have Coach back – they have so much guy talk to catch up on! Sue and Sam are trying to make sure Sheldon feels comfortable – Sue looked up words on Wikipedia and Sam has the pronoun thing covered (Sheldon wants he and him, but thanks!). He just wants things to be as normal as possible.

Sue makes a statement about always being against bullying, and standing by Sheldon as a friend, ally, and metaphorical shoulder to cry on since real men don’t cry. McKinley is now fully gender fluid…and if you’ll excuse her, she has to go fat shame someone.

Sue’s mind is a scary place.

Sam high fives Sheldon and heads off to find Rachel.

Rachel, in the teacher’s lunch room, is not a happy camper. Apparently she was awoken this morning from a dream (about being on Broadway and also pudding, which sounds like a kick ass dream) to discover her family home had sold! Despite – apparently – her attempts to scare away potential buyers by pretending to be an evil spirit in the shower.

Sam: “Rachel, that’s insane.”

It’s also pretty clever so…props.

Rachel is miserable and refuses to listen to Sam’s reasonable counterpoint. She’s not leaving the only home she’s ever known!

Rachel isn't quite ready to let go of Lima.

Rachel isn’t quite ready to let go of Lima.

Uh oh Sam, time for a meeting.

Artie, Mercedes, Kitty, Blaine, and Kurt are called together, because everyone else has gone back to their other lives. Mercedes can’t imagine what else Rachel needs – she mentored her for a whole week! Sam says that Rachel is transitioning to adulthood, something they’ll all have to face, and they need to help. Also Kurt has a giant spider on his shirt and it’s distracting.

In the parking lot, Coach Beiste finds his car spray painted with a shaving cream slur and jock straps. A speeding car goes by, as a truly insane looking Clint waves his can (of cream) out the window. Holy cupcakes Batman, these guys are crazy!

Sue calls Will to her office where he greets Sheldon – and promptly learns that Carmel’s own Vocal Adrenalin are the ones who defaced his car. Will is understandably upset and promises to do something about it.

Side bar: There’s this weird logic, at this point in the Glee lexicon, that Sue can both be offended by the word on Sheldon’s car and then refer to him as “newly boobless” with only a minimal bit of irony.

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