Black Sails, S2 E4- XII

Black Sails S2E4- "XII"

It’s Flint vs. Vane in a huge showdown in this episode. Who will win?

The beginning of the episode acts as a “morning after” sequence to the previous episode’s doings. We find Lord Ash’s daughter, Abigail (that’s what it says her the Black Sails Wikipedia page, so that’s what I’m calling her), has awoken from her sedated sleep. Finally! I already admire her, for shrugging off the maggots on her food and eating it anyway. Girl’s got guts. Also, everyone is making plans for the Flint vs. Vane battle. Flint’s men send a message Vane’s way and the whole thing is ridiculous. I’m sure several pirate captains (Vane, Flint, Rackham) can coexist on Nassau. Or am I just too much of a pacifist? (Answer: Yes. It’s a pirate drama for goodness sake, of course there’s going to be fighting!)

My favorite “morning after” scene is with everyone’s new favorite trio: Max, Anne, and Jack. Max and Jack are stuck in an Anne sandwich after their threesome, giving each other hilarious side eyes. They clearly are not each other’s favorite. Fortunately for them, Max is needed downstairs and Jack just exits first. Outside he meets with the prostitute, Idelle, and she informs him about the Flint/Vane drama. He’s all, “ugh” about the situation. All he wants to know is if Flint’s found the Urca gold. I say aloud to him (as if he’s going to hear me), “No, but he’s working on it.”

Black Sails S2E4- "XII"

And in this moment, we’re all Eleanor Guthrie. Use your words, not fists.

Everyone tries to come up with the proper plan to go about the Flint/Vane battle. Vane’s crew thinks they could use Eleanor as a threat. Eleanor and Vane are like, “Hell, no!” Instead, Eleanor row, row, rows a boat gently down the ocean to Flint’s stolen Spanish warship. Mr. Scott (it’s really good to see him and his concern for Eleanor still) and Flint are very much against Eleanor being there. But she’s all, “You guys are being idiots and I’m here to sort this out. As I always do.” Basically, Flint wants Vane out of the fort and away from Nassau. He’s open to Eleanor’s suggestions, as long as they result in Vane’s departure. Eleanor just wants to see the two captains and herself in her office where they can talk about what to do peacefully and reasonably. Miss Guthrie, you would make a fine principal to a school. It’d probably be easier dealing with kids than grown men.

Speaking of children, Vane visits Abigail in her cell, mini table and quill at hand. He introduces himself to her and explains that she’ll be his guest. Abigail is confused about Ned Low’s whereabouts. Vane casually says she won’t have to deal with him anymore, because he cut off his head. Abigail responses in the way neither Vane nor I expected she would. With no fear or hesitation in her eye, she says, “Good”. I bet you if Vane would have let Ned Low leave, Abigail would have just done the bloody deed herself. Vane wants her to write her ransom note: 250,000 pounds or she’s dead. That might be a little difficult since Abigail hasn’t spoken to her dad in years since she’s been at school in London.

Flint has John Silver out on the beach, vouching for and praising Flint’s name. While he’s speaking to various men about the “mad man on the ocean” (Vane’s words, not mine), he finds that one of the old Walrus men has washed up to shore. It’s a very sun baked and sore Billy Bones, but he’s alive! Yay! Now give me more information on the man that tortured you, Billy, please. Meanwhile, Eleanor visits Mrs. Barlow again asking for help…again. There’s nothing she can do. Well there isn’t nothing, it’s more like it’s already too late. Thanks for all the help, Barlow. You’re a real treat.

At the brothel, Max explains to Jack that thanks to their little threesome, there is now a competition for Anne’s affection. Jack assumes he’ll win Anne back because they have heaps of history together (Jack’s known her since she was 13!) and Max has only been with Anne for a week. But Max responses with, “You’d be amazed what can change in a week in my bed.” Regardless, Anne is not a prize the two can “win,” and I would hope that Max wouldn’t be so into this idea. Whomever Anne chooses is because she cares about them; no one has dibs on Anne.

Max is feeling nice today, so she sends Jack to Idelle who has information on a captain looking to set sail. Idelle thinks she’s just going to “fuck him senseless”, but Max teaches her the art of seduction. Jack’s eyes are clearly taking notes for his time with Anne.

Max’s lessons to Idelle must have worked because not only does the job take more then 3 hours (damn!), but Max announces to Jack and Anne that the captain is giving Jack his ship, himself, and all the crew that want to join (total 28). Anne has to sit down and remove her hat over this splendid news.
Don’t ever say Max didn’t do anything for you.

Finally, after all the events of this day, including Mr. Guthrie barging into Eleanor’s room but actually being on her side for once, Flint has made a decision. The last line that is uttered in this episode is, “Fire.” It appears we have a war in Nassau (that totally could have been avoided).

What side are you guys on? Flint’s? Vane’s? On the awesome neutral side of Eleanor’s like myself?

Black Sails S2E4- "XII"

Look at pre-pirate James, making his first deal. Too cute.

Before I mention next week’s episode, there is something else about “XII” that I would love to point out. That’s the flashbacks. So far every episode in Season 2 has included flashbacks of pre-pirate James McGrew, but this one is a little special. We see the introduction of Lord Ash and how he was a friend of Mrs. Barlow’s. Also, James tells Thomas Hamilton’s dad to bugger off and it’s hilarious. I may not always mention the flashbacks in these recaps/reviews, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. They continue to give us insight into loads of characters’ past and also drive the present story-lines along. Keep doing this, Black Sails!

Next week’s episode, 2.05: “XIII” airs Saturday at 9/8c on Starz! The trailer can be seen below. (We’re officially halfway through season 2! Woah!)

Oh no, Vane! Don’t go cutting off James Flint’s head! Ned Low’s was fine enough.