Castle S7 Ep15 – Reckoning

It’s right into the action, as Castle & company race to where Beckett said she would be in the last ep. But all they find is Beckett’s car, with “HELP HER” written on the rear window. This is when Castle starts to channel a certain Captain Malcolm Reynolds again, as he hasn’t since Alexis was kidnapped. When Ryan and the Captain try to convince Rick not to just go ahead and take down ‘Boudreau’, Castle isn’t convinced. Instead, he dons a Beanie of Going Rogue and assaults and threatens ‘Boudreau’ at gunpoint in his apartment. He demands Tyson (because let’s be real, no one really thought it wasn’t Tyson) tell him where Beckett is. So of course the cops bust in and arrest Castle – and Tyson smirks in triumph. Then he goes missing and threatens Castle’s family, whom Castle then ships off to Europe.

So much angst

Even though we all knew it wasn’t really Beckett, this was a devastating scene. Nathan Fillion hit it out of the park.

Meanwhile, Beckett wakes up gagged and tied to a table in a creepy dark room. Dr. Nieman has plans for her: she wants to change her own face to look like Beckett’s. Possibly by actually removing Beckett’s face, though that’s never made explicit. Either way, shudder. Stana Katic and Annie Wersching are gorgeous women, but they should keep their own faces.

So Captain Gates kindly doesn’t book Rick for assault, though she could have. Instead she tells Castle that he needs to get inside Tyson’s head, the way Tyson does to others. And Rick does. In fact, it looks like he’s going rogue again: he goes off by himself to see Tyson’s old cellmate, who tells him about a house Tyson used to talk about. Beckett isn’t there when Castle gets there, but there is a live feed of Dr. Nieman’s Den of Creepiness. But uh oh – Tyson knew Castle would go there, and he has Castle at his mercy! Except – psych! Castle knew Tyson’s game was all to prove he was smarter than Castle, since Rick ruined his plans that one time. Castle wasn’t being lured to the house by Tyson after all. In fact, he was in cahoots with Ryan and Espo the whole time, with a hidden earpiece to let them know what he was doing. Nicely done, Castle. Espo the sniper shoots Tyson from outside. I hope they checked to be sure he was dead this time.

When they arrive at Dr. Nieman’s Den of Creepiness, they find that Beckett has already rescued herself. Because she is awesome. We had seen her work the whole time at loosening one of the bolts in the table, as well as pulling apart the strap holding her arms down. So when Dr. Nieman gets nervous that her BF Tyson isn’t calling when he said he would (since he’s busy being dead), she goes for the scalpel to kill Beckett – only to have Beckett grab her arm and, offscreen, use that very scalpel to kill her. I imagine it might have been a Buffy or River-style battle, and I’m saddened that we don’t get to see it.

My turn

Sure, there are fewer bodies on the floor, but she’s still totally River in that scene from Serenity. Awww yeah.

So 3XK and his disciples are done for good now. (We assume.) Plus, Gates announces that the DA has decided Castle’s punishment for assaulting Tyson should be 1,000 hours of community service – as a consultant for Detective Beckett at the precinct! Yaaaaay! I totally called it that this case would lead to his being “unbanned”. Welcome back, Castle.