Reign, S2 E14- The End of Mourning

Reign S2E14- "The End of Mourning"

Remember how in last week’s episode, Sins of the Past, everyone was so excited that spring was coming? Yeah, it’s still not here in this week’s episode, “The End of Mourning.”

Reign S2E14- "The End of Mourning"

Bash: “Get your paws off my girl. Now excuse me while I leave her.” That’ll make her feel loved.

Right away in the episode the girls are seen sledding in the snow, complete with fashionably warm coats and furs. I always admire when a show that’s normally filled with angst and drama includes a few lighthearted moments between the characters. It reminds us that not every moment in the show is filled with dread. Plus, it’s lovely to see Mary smile for once (see featured photo above). But not everything is snow and hot cocoa. Condé asks Mary if he can take Lola to his estate for holiday, and we all watch her smile fade. Am I sensing some jealousy? Meanwhile, not far off, Condé’s bro, Antoine, tries again to flirt with Kenna. As if by magic, Bash storms in. He’s all, “Leave my girl alone.” A millisecond later he tells Kenna, “Okay, now I’m going to leave you alone. Job calls.” (It’s partly true. He spends the entire episode dealing with the Bourbons vs. Valois (Francis’ family) drama. More on that later).

Once back at the castle, Mary is informed that her uncle, Duke of Guise, has returned. Now that the plague is long gone (which he fled from), he would love to be the king’s magistrate. Mary knows he doesn’t really want the position. Then what is he after? Oh boy, where to begin? This entire episode the writers have him flounced around as either a good guy or bad guy; the truth  isn’t revealed until the end. You want to know right now, don’t you? Okay so, Duke (let’s call him that) first runs to Catherine hoping she’ll accept his request to be her new suitor. Hearing this news Narcisse laughs, thinking that after things didn’t work with Henry that Catherine was done with men altogether. While funny (and I approve!), it’s not true. She thinks about the proposal, but ends up not going through with it. Why? Because the Duke’s apparent involvement with the poisoned bible.

Catherine calls a family meeting (it’s actually kind of adorable) of royals (Mary, Francis, Bash, the whole gang) explaining the “bible” situation and its supposed culprit, a man in Condé’s army, Frederick. How does Duke tie to this? He doesn’t…kinda. More like, he’s used as a pawn (we’re talking death) to not reveal the poisoner’s true identity… *drum roll* Antoine. Are you holding your breath in shock? ‘Cause to be completely honest, I wasn’t all that much. Maybe it’s because I could smell “villain” on him a mile away when he was introduced. Or that this trope has been done before.

I apologize in advance if this recap/review appears to be all over the place. I’m not saying that this episode was “all over the place” by any means. In fact, I adored one of the story-lines (which I will mention at the very end). I guess I just found the main plot of “who poisoned the bible” to be, in the end, predictable? Did anyone else feel this way? If anyone is still confused and needs any more clarification, feel free to leave comments below.

Reign S2E14- "The End of Mourning"

The Bourbon bros, Louis and Antoine. They love each other, I swear.

Before I venture into my favorite plot, let’s discuss the Bourbon boys for a second. For those wondering, that would be Louis Condé and Antoine. (Don’t feel bad if you had no idea their last name was Bourbon or that Francis’ was Valois. I had no idea myself until I spent a good twenty minutes researching both families history and members. The things I do for this show and recaps). The Bourbons and Valois have never really gotten along, even though they’re family. Henry and Condé’s father hated each other, and Francis wishes they would that behind them. What he doesn’t know, until the end, is that Bash killed the eldest Bourbon brother on Henry’s order. Starting to see why Antoine would poison the bible? Good. It’s revealed that the only one besides Condé who knows the truth is Narcisse (of course), who actually was the one that killed the Duke of Guise.

Now, onto my favorite plot of the night. Anyone miss Greer, because you’re about to see what she’s up to. In the episode, Kenna and Lola visit her at a run down inn (risking their reputation and role at French court, I might add. That’s friendship). She appears put together appearance wise, but she’s a mess. She’s practically an alcoholic with her constantly eating stout, has no money and hasn’t a clue what to do with the rest of her life. Lola and Kenna give her some cash, but not only is it not enough to live by, she doesn’t want to be seen as a charity case. Her newest dream career would be as a lady’s companion (not in that way; similar to her previous role with Mary). However, throughout the course of the episode, she accidentally embarks on a different career path. For lack of better words, she becomes somewhat of a pimp to her prostitute neighbor. Watching her story line evolve made me really miss her over these past few episodes, and appreciate the actress who portrays her, Celina Sinden, a whole lot more. I’m curious to see where her new line of work will take her. A woman in her new circumstances has to survive and thrive and that’s what she’s doing. I applaud her for that!

What did you think of Reign, 2.14: “The End of Mourning”?

The following episode, 2.15: “Forbidden” airs next week at the usual time Thursday 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Mary’s Mother (Amy Brenneman) is back everyone! Let’s see if she can talk some sense into her about this whole Condé situation. (I love Louis, I do, but I’m still not fond of the Condé/Mary potential pairing, and after each recent episode I think back to when they were just friends and sigh. Anyone agree?)

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