Marvel’s Agent Carter, S1 Ep06 – A Sin To Err

With only a few episodes left until Marvel’s Agent Carter concludes, it was only a matter of time before Peggy was caught by her cohorts at the S.S.R. As Agent Sousa’s assumptions weren’t confirmed until halfway through the episode, and Peggy didn’t become a wanted woman until shortly after that fact, it’s a little unfair to the viewers that this was spoiled in ABC’s promo from last week. Most, including myself, came in to this episode knowing this is the episode Agent Carter was finally gets discovered. Still, “A Sin To Err” did contain numerous welcomed surprises, and was another fun addition to Marvel’s current mini-series.

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Dottie’s ready to kill

Peggy took charge and tried to track down a Russian operative in New York City. Knowing the girls trained in the program she was able to get a glimpse at in “The Iron Ceiling” were handcuffed to their beds at night, she searched through a handful of Stark’s exes to see who may have bared a scar on their wrist. This led to a very humorous montage with Peggy and Jarvis visiting Stark’s old girlfriends. Jarvis, who had done all of the breaking up upon his boss’ request, already feared the slaps he would get prior to agreeing to tag along with Peggy. Meanwhile, Dottie, the woman they were looking for, was off killing dentists.

Dottie confronts a dentist in his office and kills him for reasons we don’t know at the moment. The fact that Dottie is able to kill someone who has no connection to the bigger picture concerning Agent Carter and Leviathan, illustrates how bad she truly is and the lengths she’s willing to go to complete her mission. Although, that dentist ended up being a pig anyway. We find out Dottie needed his office to get a clear look at an S.S.R. office across the street, in which Director Dooley and Dr. Ivenchenko were talking. The scene was particularly well done, as we are meant to believe that with sniper rifle in hand she is attempting to kill one or both of them. The sniper rifle ends up being a means of communicating, and seeing the code Ivenchenko illustrates with his hand, we now know that Dottie and Ivenchenko are working for the same side.

I’ll admit I didn’t see the Ivenchenko twist coming. I really thought he would just be a freed Russian scientist who would now help the S.S.R. accomplish their goals. The way he hypnotizes people with his ring and the sound of voice may have felt a bit silly to some, but it allowed him to get his hands on important information and even made an S.S.R. agent kill himself. This further establishes how dangerous the villains on Agent Carter can be. What if he had gotten to Peggy first?

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Agent Carter on the run

Of course Peggy had problems of her own, as Agent Sousa was able to confirm that she has been in the blonde haired woman they’ve been looking for. This revelation led to an amazing action sequence where Peggy had to take down numerous agents trying to capture her. She holds her own against all of them and even takes down Agent Thompson and gets away from Sousa.

The sequence not only demonstrated how good of a fighter Peggy is, but how prepared she is for any situation, as she realizes they are after her before they even make a move. She even nearly makes her way out of her apartment complex after retrieving Captain America’s blood, but wasn’t expecting Dottie to kiss her with drug-laced lips.

It’s unfortunate for Peggy that this allowed her to get captured by the S.S.R., but at least they got there before Dottie was able to complete her mission and kill Peggy upon Ivenchenko’s request. Now all Peggy has to do is explain herself to the S.S.R., which I’m sure is easier said than done.

Marvel’s Agent Carter has remained an enjoyable mini-series since its two-hour premiere, and “A Sin To Err” was another great episode. It was filled with enjoyable surprises, intense action sequences, and a lot of humor. In addition to the montage in which Jarvis got slapped multiple times, I especially enjoyed seeing Peggy’s friend, Angie, use her acting to deter Agent Thompson from discovering Peggy out on the ledge. I even laughed out loud as Miriam Fry, the woman who runs Peggy’s apartment complex, exclaimed in shock due to the hole in Peggy’s wall. Like most Marvel properties, Agent Carter has balanced humor and drama very well.

Next week Peggy must find a way to regain the trust of her S.S.R. comrades before Dottie completes her mission. Check out ABC’s official promo for “Snafu” below and feel free to let us know your thoughts about “A Sin To Err” in the comments.