Glee S6 Ep6 “What the World Needs Now”

Brittany brings Abuela to the McKinley auditorium for a surprise – Santana on stage, looking beautiful, singing “Alfie.” Another song of Burt Bacharach’s made famous by Dionne Warwick (and from the film by the same name), it’s about believing in love above all things.

Backed by her friends and the Glee kids, Santana sings her heart out. Brittany joins the chorus behind her, and it’s a plea to Abuela to open her mind. Will she take the invitation? Will she believe love is love?

Abuela joins Santana and Britt on stage where she finally learns the truth: they are getting married. Santana tries to make her grandmother see that who she is, her strength – so much of that comes from what Abuela taught her. The girls make one last plea. Will she come to the wedding?

Abuela won’t budge. She loves Santana but she won’t love her sin.

This seems to tick Brittany off because screw it – she’s glad Abuela isn’t coming. Her side lost; there’s nothing she can do to stop the wedding and PS, she’s super annoying.

Santana: “Take a look. This is what real love looks like. And I love you so much but Britt is my family now, and if having her in my family means not having you, then that’s a trade I’ll take any day.”

After her grandmother leaves (without another word), a saddened Santana lays her head on Britt’s shoulder.

Side bar: The concept of found family has always been such an important core value of Glee and it’s so lovingly highlighted in this episode. Everyone, in big and small ways, is supporting everyone, with songs and advice and encouragement, without selfish motivation. It’s one of the most cooperative episodes of the show in six years!

Mercedes is a star of mentoring and guidance - she leads Rachel out of despair and up the mountaintop to Broadway.

Mercedes is a star of mentoring and guidance – she leads Rachel out of despair and up the mountaintop to Broadway.

In the teacher’s lounge, Rachel happily accounts her audition. Broadway Berry is back; her mind hasn’t been this clear in a long time. And while she doesn’t know if she’s got the part, at this point it doesn’t matter. Rachel is back up on her horse and ready to ride into her next adventure.

Mercedes gets called to the auditorium (more mentoring? The woman is full-time at this point!), so Rachel and Sam have a moment together. He’s sure she’s going to get what she wants; nothing can stop Rachel Berry. They decide to put that dinner date back on the books.

A subdued Santana and Brittany walk the McKinley halls. Santana wants to be mad at her grandmother but mostly she’s sad. She wanted to believe people could really change. But in the meantime, Santana is grateful for her lady knight in shining armor and all the love in her life. Which is why they’re going to go to the auditorium and pretend to be surprised by whatever number their tone-deaf loser friends are putting together.

Artie introduces a dilemma. Seems that since Abuela isn’t attending, there’s an empty chair at the Lopez family table – and a number of people want to claim that seat.

The stage fills with all of Santana’s friends, including Mr. Schue. They share all the things that make a family (including “Family is like fudge. Sweet with a couple of nuts” from Sam, and ain’t that the truth). And being that they’re related by something more important than blood – love – they’d like to be in the wedding party. (Kitty and the new kids will be in charge of programs and doves!)

With a title like “What the World Needs Now” we had to know the song was coming – and come it does, as the 700th song in Glee history! It’s lovely and a perfect way to cap off this episode about love, love, love – and it ends in a fabulous group hug, as it should.


There was a deep sense of heart and soul in this episode; the Brittana wedding is leading us through a number of lessons, about their relationship but also the deep and abiding bonds between the characters. It might be ridiculous that they keep popping up in Ohio, but the message can’t be ignored. They are each other’s family, and they will always be there for one another.

This is what a family looks like.

This is what a family looks like.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: Queso Por Dos! Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge as the perfect Brittany parents.

What made me sniffle: 75% of the episode.

What made me side-eye: Is Artie in correspondence film school?

What I’m listening to on repeat: “Promises, Promises” was amazing!

What I’m looking forward to next week: I feel like we’re in for a roller-coaster ride…

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