Glee S6 Ep6 “What the World Needs Now”

Well, apparently Brittany also chooses a life of meddling because she dons a questionable nurse costume and heads for Abuela’s house!

Brittany plays a convincing nurse, calling “Dr. Walgreens” and trying to discuss stools, but Abuela Lopez is still wary. So Britt busts out some Spanish and drops the magic word – telenovelas – and soon the ladies are cozy on the sofa, watching television. Abuela notices Brittany’s ring and the talk soon turns to weddings and babies and passion (Britt once popped a hip. Hubba hubba).

Would Abuela like to take a walk? Perhaps for some…queso?

That’s right folks, it’s Queso Por Dos! Which Britt just sold to Univision! While the cats play with pinatas and read, Britt has Abuela over for some fondue.

The topic is weddings – and if they have time, Stephen Hawking being her dad – but a few fun facts: did you know Eleanor Roosevelt used to kiss her friend Lorena Hickok’s picture every night? Lady love, that’s nice. Weddings are such hard work – maybe Britt and her beloved should elope! Mrs. Lopez won’t have it…she’s a romantic soul and truly believes that when two souls come together, they should be surrounded by those they love, especially their family.

Santana is watching Queso Por Dos on her laptop and doesn’t look all that pleased with anything going on.

Mercedes mentors and guides Rachel to the auditorium, where a little Statue of Liberty waits to remind her of the truth. New York is her endgame. And maybe she just needs a bit more inspiration.

Big guns time. “Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do)” – a classic NYC love song. Blaine at the piano and handsome boys in top hats and tails, draped across the stage! This HAS to work.

Like any with good love song, Rachel has flashbacks to her time in the Big Apple, reminded of all the moments of joy and awe and happiness. Okay, this has to work!

Applause, applause, and Blaine asks what she thinks.

Alas, Rachel says she still isn’t ready. Sigh. But it’s okay, because Mentor Guardian Mercedes isn’t leaving until she succeeds in getting her friend back where she belongs.

Side bar: Rachel and Mercedes have always had an interesting relationship. There has been conflict and competition, but in the end they recognize and respect each other’s talent. Their grown-up friendship is a lovely reminder that sometimes a talented rival can also be the person who knows you best – and knows how to motivate you to greater heights.

In the McKinley hallways, Brittany is mobbed by her Latino fans (Queso Por Dos got picked up for two more seasons!); the celebration is broken up by an annoyed Santana.

Seems Ms. Lopez isn’t too happy with Britt going behind her back to befriend Abuela. While Santana isn’t interested in helping to enlighten her grandmother, Brittany feels it’s their duty as hot young progressives in love to educate old farts who don’t like the LGBT community. Or black people. They at least have to try.

We join Sam in the locker room, but he’s not folding or cleaning. He’s got his guitar and a song on his mind – The Carpenter’s “They Long To Be Close To You.”

He roams the hallways, singing, until he comes upon Mercedes teaching the new kids. They wind up together in the auditorium, where Mercedes thinks that’s a great song – but a little romantic to sing to a friend. They discuss the transition from dating to friends; Mercedes assumes he’s been dating and not telling her but Sam admits he’s refrained, afraid to hurt her feelings and their friendship.

Instead of housekeeping, Sam is singing it out. A much better use of his time.

Instead of housekeeping, Sam is singing it out. A much better use of his time.

Mercedes does a little Sam mentoring. He has to trust their love for each other and their friendship, that it can withstand moving on and dating other people. For instance, she’s been dating a Christian rock singer who happens to also be saving himself for marriage – and it’s going very well. Sam’s a little jealous and yet…happy for her. Which means, says Mercedes, he can move on to some romance of his own. With one Ms. Rachel Berry.

And yes, Mercedes is a smidgen jealous – but she also needs Sam to help heal Rachel’s heart.

Side bar: Sam stays friendly with all his exes, do we notice this? He and Mercedes have such a strong relationship – their sweetness to each other and their desire for each other’s happiness is heartwarming. Nice people being nice to each other nicely. Well done, kids.

Mercedes goes to the choir room to find a frantic Rachel, who needs her to take over Glee club for a few days (Kurt, apparently, works better with a partner and can’t be trusted not to break out the Paula Cole). Rachel has a suitcase, a plane ticket, and a panic attack – she’s going to New York for the audition.

With one more pep talk from Mercedes, Rachel is ready.

Rachel: “I’m Rachel Berry, and I’ll be singing Promises, Promises.”

Made famous by Dionne Warwick, it’s the title song of a musical by the same name and it’s a perfect fit for Lea Michele’s voice. Filled with confidence, Rachel sings her way from McKinley to the spotlight on a Broadway stage, where she truly belongs.


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