Castle S7 Ep14 – Resurrection

So you gotta go into this episode expecting a cliffhanger. But even if you do, it’s not really going to make the ending easier to handle.

We open with a sweet scene at home with the whole Castle family. Everything is shiny, which is a nice indication of how terrible it’ll all be by the end of the ep of course. Alexis even kisses Beckett on the cheek before she leaves for the library, which leads to a short conversation about future Castle children. I know it’s undignified, but eeeeeeee!

The return

He’s just a normal guy… who got plastic surgery to look like a serial killer. Yep. Totally normal.

And that’s pretty much the last happy thing we’ll see probably until the end of next week’s episode. A young blonde woman with a troubled past turns up strangled. Lanie quickly discovers some similarities to that time a woman who looked like her and a guy who looked like Espo showed up dead: namely, evidence of plastic surgery. Susan Watts, the victim, had just gotten a job through an employment agency that received donations from a certain Dr. Kelly Nieman. You remember her, right? Of course you do, because Annie Wersching plays the creepy, menacing plastic surgeon excellently and memorably. If you don’t, the ep is helpfully and only slightly annoyingly interspersed with flashbacks.

So Beckett confronts Dr. Nieman in her new practice, but of course there are no concrete links between her and the murdered woman. The only good news: Nieman’s reappearance as well as a photo of someone outside the hospital who looks suspiciously like Jerry Tyson, a.k.a. 3XK, are enough to convince Captain Gates to convince the DA that Castle needs to be allowed to consult on this one case. (I’m going to go ahead and guess this one case turns into more.) The team discovers a patient of Nieman’s who looks exactly like poor dead Susan Watts. They also track down a guy named Michael Boudreau who owns the truck Tyson was seen in. But at Boudreau’s apartment they find — Jerry Tyson! Except he says he’s Boudreau, after a makeover by Dr. Nieman. Of course. And all of Tyson’s DNA evidence, etc. was stolen from the precinct, so they have to find another DNA sample from Tyson to clear or nail ‘Boudreau’.

Deliciously evil

They’re both just so fantastic and evil. Especially Annie Wersching – “ice in her veins”, indeed.

Meanwhile, ‘Boudreau’ seems happy enough to sit in holding. Castle and Beckett go track down Tyson’s birth mother to see if she might contribute a DNA sample. Only she admits she’s not really Tyson’s biological mom. Fortunately, she saved one of little Jerry’s baby teeth, and when Beckett & Castle tell her they’re really trying to clear Jerry’s name of some of his crimes, she hands it over. But anyone who knows anything about TV shows knows it’s not going to be that easy. The Tyson DNA is not a match to ‘Boudreau’. They’re forced to cut him loose. He and the lovely/scary Dr. Nieman walk out of the precinct together, hand in hand. But Amy, the woman who looks like the murder victim, called Beckett in a panic that she’s in danger. Beckett goes out to find her, by herself. This despite all of my yells at the TV that this is a bad idea. And the last thing Beckett hears before someone injects her with some sedative and shoves her into a wheelchair is the strains of “We’ll Meet Again” on her phone. Beckett, noooo!

Are you waiting on the edge of your seat for next week’s conclusion? Are 3XK and Dr. Nieman your favorite duo of evil, or are you ready to see them gone? Let us know in the comments!