Reign, S2 E13- Sins of the Past

Reign S2E13- "Sins of the Past"
Reign S2E13- "Sins of the Past"

French Court’s newest couple: “Mr. Predicable” Louis and “Miss in love with Narcisse” Lola

This episode also manages to feature a peculiar and unexpected mini love triangle. I say “mini” because I don’t think (more like hope) that we aren’t going to see it appear in future episodes. But I could be wrong. The love triangle is between Lady Lola, her now suitor/almost-husband Condé and the sinister Narcisse. I’m going to be completely honest, I find the sudden forced pairing of Condé and Lola random and not the least bit romantic- more friendly if anything. That doesn’t mean I like Lola with Narcisse, all I see is the negative things the man has done in the past. Lola’s too good for Narcisse in my opinion. I feel like Lola should just lay low and if someone pops into her life that she adores, so be it. Who do you guys like with Lola? At the ball (which Narcisse tried to ask her to sneak away from, she fortunately declined), Lola rants to Kenna saying that Narcisse is way to unpredictable and adoring Condé’s predictability at the moment. Girl, who you trying to convince? Everyone else or yourself? Narcisse doesn’t have Lola on the brain for too long, Claude tries to sink her teeth into him, but is way too controlling for his liking. Let’s all applaud Claude! The girl is the youngest character on the show (14 right? Correct me if I’m wrong please) and knows exactly what she wants. Prior to the ball she tries to start something with Narcisse, basically a friends with benefits, “teach me what you know about life” thing. It’s at the ball where it gets interesting and I end up respecting Claude. See Claude isn’t a prude in the slightest, she just doesn’t want to be suited up for marriage or end up pregnant/with an STD. There are very few young female characters that I’ve seen on TV that are this forward/blunt within their relationships. I love it! Why aren’t Kenna and Claude friends yet? They could be the smartest team if they put their heads together.

Overall, this episode was done quite well. I give it an 8.5/10. There were several fun tidbits/moments that I loved as well. Mary’s dog, Stirling, is still present you guys! After nearly a season of being forgotten (besides last week’s episode, he was only seen in the Pilot!) we see him protecting Mary as she lays beside her bed, ever the good guard dog.

Besides the fabulous clothes (that’s kind of always a given), the music was on par in this episode. I would particularly like to note a beautiful and breathtaking cover of Sia’s “Chandelier” that was played during the ball. The cover is done by Vitamin String Quartet, a marvelous group of violinists that cover various top 40/mainstream songs and turn them into gorgeous renditions. After the episode, I was curious and played a few of their covers. I highly recommend them! I’m sure there’s a cover for everyone to enjoy.

Fun fact: “Chandelier” isn’t the only cover of their’s that Reign has used in one of their episodes. Back in 1.18: “No Exit”, they used Vitamin String Quartet’s version of “Royals” (get it, royals?). Music Supervisors for Reign, please use more of their covers! My suggestion: this classy version of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” ;).

The next episode, 1.14: “The End of the Mourning” airs next Thursday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Looks like Condé is getting himself into trouble! Uh-oh! Also, how cute does Mary look in her winter gear? (Answer: Very cute)

Please comment below if you liked this more opinionated review rather then recap. This is the first time I’ve written anything like this and would love as much constructive criticism as possible. Thanks!

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