Parks and Recreation S7 E7, “Donna and Joe”

We only got one new episode of Parks and Rec on Tuesday night, but it was a great one! Donna and Joe finally tied the knot, Rachel Dratch guest starred, and Ben made a surprising announcement. So let’s get to it!

Donna, Joe, Maid (or Matron?) of Honor April, and wedding planner Craig are walking through the church to go over last minute plans for the wedding. We’re still seeing a muted version of Craig, but at least there are a few crazy stipulations put on his calm demeanor this episode. He has a list of twelve wedding-related trigger words for his rage, including his name. Naturally, Joe immediately messes up and addresses Craig by his name. Oops!

Parks and RecreationDonna pulls April off to the side to talk about April’s duties as Maid of Honor, and reveals that the two have become close friends. April is in charge of handling Donna’s family, which is apparently quite the handful. Case in point: cousin Winnie was written out of Grandpa Meagle’s will for forgetting to use a coaster. Ouch! We already know about her cousin Genuwine, so it’ll be exciting to see the rest of the Meagles.

April and Andy are handling the Meagle guests at the rehearsal dinner, trying to keep them apart. Apparently, April’s doing almost too good of a job. Turns out Andy wrangles up the top Meagle troublemakers and April threatens them with harm if they even attempt to cause a problem. Drama averted.

The next morning, Leslie, April, Donna, and her third bridesmaid share a tender moment while getting ready. Soon, Donna Meagle will be officially off the market!

Parks and RecreationWe don’t get to see most of the wedding, but we do get to hear the vows. If there was ever a question about whether Joe was good enough for Donna, I think the wedding erased the final, lingering doubts. The couple couldn’t have looked more beautiful, in love, or happy.

The wedding was absolutely perfect. Everything went off without a hitch, and the Meagles are perfectly behaved. April did her job a little too well, and Donna confides that she had been hoping for just a little bit of drama. So April, earning her the position of best Maid of Honor ever, brings in Donna’s estranged brother, LeVondrious, and the microwave that was apparently at the root of their argument. He causes a scene right in the middle of the reception. And that, apparently, is what makes for the perfect wedding for Donna Meagle.

Tom and Lucy seem to be doing great as a couple. The two are totally in sync and are perfect for each other. They both appreciate the little things, like geranium hand cream and matching dinner jackets and dresses. Tom tells Ron that he feels like Lucy is really the person for him, going so far as to say that he’d marry her tomorrow – but only as a way to express just how deeply he feels for her, not to actually indicate a desire for quick nuptials. Ron, however, doesn’t quite pick up on that fact.

Ron reveals himself to be a bit of a softie in this episode. In addition to his comments about Tom and Lucy, he also admits how much he loves weddings. Specifically, the construction of churches. But it still counts. Ron is a secret softie!

Parks and RecreationUnfortunately, he is still Ron and therefore is blunt. He tells Lucy what Tom told him – including the part about how he’d marry her tomorrow. Lucy is understandable freaked out since they only just started dating recently.

When Tom finds out, he tells Ron that he can’t have any more food until he fixes things. Even though Tom can imagine a picture perfect live with Lucy and their kids, he knows that it’s not going to happen for a long time. If Lucy freaks out now, they might never get a chance at that future.

Not surprisingly, however, getting someone else to deal with his problems for him doesn’t work out so well for Tom. When Ron returns to talk to Lucy again, he reveals even more details about the future that Tom dreams about and Lucy becomes even more freaked out.

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