Glee S6 Ep5 “The Hurt Locker, Part Two”

Sue's revenge on Will - and by extension, Rachel - continues. This is what happens when you are Teacher's Pet.

Sue’s revenge on Will – and by extension, Rachel – continues. This is what happens when you are Teacher’s Pet.

The madness continues as Fox’s Glee powers through their final season. We rejoin Sue’s Quest for Ruination (Rachel and Will) and Reconciliation (Kurt and Blaine) in “The Hurt Locker, Part Two,” wherein she kicks everything up a notch.

When last we left Sue, she was well into her plan in using the hypnotized Sam to pretend to be in love with Rachel, while also having him cause a rift between Rachel and Will. Believing Rachel has been manipulating him, Will has Vocal Adrenaline go full tilt at the Invitationals, leaving both the Warblers and New New Directioners stunned. Also on Sue’s mind? Getting her beloved Klaine back together.

As the curtain closes on VA, Sue announces more rules (Her school, her rules) for the Invitational. She is the judge, the rest of the competition will take place over the next two days and go on, even if the co-director of one of the teams goes missing. Well, that’s specific.

Kurt looks worried. This is probably a good idea.

Rachel stops Will as he leaves. They had an agreement that he dishonored! Will says no, they didn’t and he guesses they’ll just have to win on their own terms now. Dang it. Rachel and Kurt pow-wow over the rising tide of teacher problems they have. Recruit new members, come up with a better set list. Kurt has a bold suggestion – why don’t they go to Kitty? Rachel is greatly against this, because Kitty hates her.

Rachel: “She hates me. All of those kids do…I never even learned her name. Any of their names! There was Puck’s brother, cross-dressing Mercedes, the one with the fat mom, and whatever his name was. Raider!”

Kurt: “Ryder.”

Rachel: “See? I was awful to them.”

Side bar: The first of many gentle pokes from the writers to the audience. And another moment of referencing Glee Club: The Lost Year. Finn’s kids were basically abandoned by Glee Club, left to be disbanded, and part of rebuilding New Directions is paying homage to the successes and acknowledging the failures. Having Rachel recognize that lends another level of depth to her goals for this season.

The most prickly ex-member of New Directions may be its only hope.

The most prickly ex-member of New Directions may be its only hope.

Kurt promises to be by Rachel’s side every step of the way, which Sue overhears, and offers a face full of determined mischief. Were you not listening to the rules, Kurt?

Kurt and Walter are on their second date at Breadstix, the only restaurant in Lima, when Sue shows up, pretending to be their waitress. “Susan” is wearing a button of the “Prom Queen” shot of Kurt and Blaine and offers many helpful things, such as a Shirley Temple in a sippy cup for Kurt and an Ensure for Walter.

She then pins Kurt with an “I heart Old People” button and not to leave him out, Walter gets one that says “Klaine.” Kurt is embarrassed but Walter is not. Heck no. He takes the whole thing in stride, finding Sue hilarious, right down to asking her how old she is. Snaaaap. Kurt is delighted by Walter’s take-down of Sue.

I feel like you might regret that, Mr. Hummel.

Sue and Becky go back to the Klaine Shrine in her Hurt Locker. Armed with a highlight VCR tape of great moments (including the “Come What May” dream sequence, which takes “I have cameras everywhere” to a whole new level), Sue rhapsodizes about their great love amid Becky’s protestations. They barely look at each other! (Eye contact + chemistry = potential humping so really, it’s just a public service thing.)

But Sue can’t be dissuaded – she needs to get them in a small, enclosed area so they’re forced to make eye contact. Uh oh: humping alert!

In the hallway, Rachel chases after Kitty, breathlessly reciting facts about her that Rachel has taken time to learn, including the fact that she once beat up a mascot at a Little League game for trying to start the wave (same, Kitty, same). More fun facts: Kitty’s favorite color is Jesus and she sometimes doesn’t wear underwear, which Rachel got from Artie.

Kitty: “Are you trying to pick me up because if you’re going to go lezzie with a cheerleader I think the world is rooting for you and Quinn Fabray.”

Kitty isn’t interested in Rachel’s attempt to build a bridge. Once upon a time, Kitty took a chance on Glee Club but she isn’t making that decision again – particularly with an adviser who is going to jump ship as soon as the real world invites her back. Rachel tries again – Kitty can sing and dance and Glee Club needs a top bitch to keep everyone in line. (And doesn’t she miss singing? Yes, yes she does.)

But this top bitch is still hurting. She invested everything in Glee Club and what did it get her? She was deserted by her friends, kept around only because Sue needed her. Kitty misses singing and dancing and being a part of something – but she knows Sue and she knows Rachel, and she’s not jumping back in just to have it wiped away again in a few weeks.

Rachel: “I’m not going anywhere until my job is done, until Glee Club is back at McKinley permanently. You have my word. Come back and we’ll see this through together.”

Side bar: Having Kitty come into the mix with the New New Directions is a smart one. The person who gained – and lost – the most through Glee Club, having to be convinced to take up the flag once more lends a deeper meaning to resurrecting it at McKinley. We don’t really know the new kids – but Kitty is a familiar face and we can feel her obvious pain. There’ s a new urgency for this to work out.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Blaine is exciting the faculty bathroom, only to run into Kurt. Seems that “almost faculty” Mr. Anderson wanted to fulfill his desire to use the staff commode. And how was it, asks Other Almost Faculty Mr. Hummel? It felt really grown-up, says Blaine, which is a great way to get their daily use of “adult” and “grown-up” into conversations.

Kurt asks Blaine to walk with him to the auditorium, as the Warblers are about to perform. Sure!

They spot a sign that indicates a new elevator to the auditorium, which is funny because I didn’t realize there were that many floors to the school. Also, where in Ohio do they live that the ADA rules don’t apply? They banter about having to carry Artie up the stairs for so many years, and “remember fighting for that ramp?” and then enter the elevator.

The weird elevator. Which doesn’t seem to be moving and also has a bathroom.


Ominous music plays as the boys press the buttons (nothing) and try to open the doors (nothing) and surmise – wisely – that they are locked in. A second later, the lights go out only to be replaced by curious mood lighting.

Kurt: “I don’t think this is a real elevator.”

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