Black Sails, S2 E2- X

Black Sails S2E2- "X"

Update on Flint and Silver’s progress: Flint tries to get on Nerd Pirate 2.0’s good side and give his insight on which direction to go. Silver is using Randall, the kitchen chef’s gossip, to his own use by reading it aloud to the crew in hopes more people will like him. Well, we can all say that they’re trying. They deserve a “You Tried” sticker.

Black Sails S2E2- "X"

Eleanor: “I picked a bad day to wear white.”

During the board meeting, several of the men tell Eleanor that her damaged name is causing problems with profit and getting items shipped out. The only way they’ve been okay is by threatening them with Charles Vane’s violence. Eleanor finds this absurd and doesn’t feel it necessary. Oh but it is. After the meeting, Vane advises Eleanor either learn to protect herself, or find someone who can. It’s hard for him to stick his neck out for his crew let alone her. This bit of advice is cut short by noises coming from downstairs. Ned Low and his men have Meeks pinned to the table. Ignoring Meek’s yells and screams, Ned Low decapitates him right then and there. The crowd is shocked, Eleanor’s shocked, I’m shocked! (You bet I had my eyes covered!) One of Eleanor’s men tries to get Ned to back off, but all that does is get him killed. Eleanor sends a look Vane’s way and just from the glint in his eye, she knows this sorta thing is exactly what he’s talking about. Girl needs protection, fast!

Flint and Silver managed to surprise me in the end. Silver’s idea of telling gossip worked (the men eventually turned on a few crew members), and Flint knew Nerd Pirate 2.0 wouldn’t know the real meaning of being a captain. They are given the opportunity to steal another ship, but Nerd Pirate 2.0 doesn’t realize it’s a trap. Flint takes charge and explains they have to sink that ship in order to make it out alive. The crew listens to him and it’s just like old times. Gotta hand it to them – when Flint or Silver want something, they go after it.

I think we can all agree that Eleanor is having the worst day ever! She goes to Vane’s for advice/support. She has an idea that might work involving his men and Ned Low’s. If they can befriend them and see what sort of asset Ned Low has, they’re golden. Too bad they have no idea what that asset is.

Black Sails S2E2- "X"

Who could resist that sultry French accent?

Later that night, Anne sneaks off to Max’s room for some “girl time,” only to be caught by Jack. He informs the ladies that they’re going to make a deal. Every tip Max finds, she will send his way, while Jack will make a crew that Anne and Jack can run. The three of them will split the profits. Jack will be a captain again yet. Before Jack exits, he tells Anne that he only ever wanted her to be happy, and once she’s done here to come and join him back in bed. While this new formed triangle is pointy and tricky beyond belief, it’s sweet that Jack respects Anne’s decisions.

What do you guys think of Maxanne and Jack?

We end this episode with Nerd Pirate 2.0 (I should state somewhere that his real name is Dufresne) stepping down as “captain,” and Flint putting on his captain coat and loving his life once more.

Who here thinks Flint should write a book called: “How to Become a Captain Again in Two Days or Less by: James Flint”?

What did you sailors think of Black Sails 2.02: “X”?

The next episode 2.03: “XI” airs Saturday February 7th at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Looks like we see more of the Max/Anne/Jack triangle and Vane & Eleanor?!

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