Black Sails, S2 E2- X

Black Sails S2E2- "X"

Just like with last week’s season 2 premiere, this week’s episode, 2.02: “X”, delivers another swashbuckling good time! (Well that was cheesy).

This episode begins on a remote island, no one in sight except for a tortured prisoner and a douchey captain. After being rescued from sea, the poor prisoner has spent the past several days wrapped in leather and baked in the cruel sun. That’s horrible, not to mention sickening. Turns out the douche captain needs his help and this torture is how he’s going to get it. Before we’re left guessing who on earth this prisoner is, his identity is revealed. Why, it’s Billy Bones! The Walrus‘ old boatswain! How much you’ve changed Billy, but I’ve missed you all the same. I loved that not even five minutes into the show, we’re given this ginormous reveal. Bravo writers!

Silver and Flint are still in a little bro huddle under the deck of their newly stolen ship as it sails back home to Nassau. Flint just doesn’t understand why on earth Silver wants to help him take back his crew. For Silver it’s simple: he does this small task for Flint and he’ll receive freedom in return. The pirate life isn’t for him anyway (Oh really?). It’ll take the crew two days to get back to Nassau and Flint expects to be captain again by then. Good luck! During this scene (and throughout the episode) we are shown a flashback of pre-Pirate Flint, James McGrew. He’s ranting about the horrid pirate problem once more in Nassau. I can’t help but chuckle. Just give in to piracy, James!

At Nassau on Ned Low’s ship (the name? Fancy. I’m not kidding. Who doe he think he is, Iggy Azalea?), the quartermaster, Meeks, asks Ned if he threatened Miss Eleanor Guthrie last night. He doesn’t even show remorse for admitting to doing so. Ned Low doesn’t get it. The pirates all need Eleanor’s respect and a solid relationship from her to thrive in Nassau. But Ned Low isn’t afraid of some little girl. You better hope Eleanor doesn’t hear that. Otherwise you’re going on her shit list.

Max visits Anne in a secluded part of the brothel. After a moment of silence, Anne explains she feels she owes Jack her life. He’s taught her so much. Which is probably why she feels so guilty about what happened between them last night. It’s something completely new to her, Max also adds. The two hold hands and I just might have found a Maxanne ship tied up at my Maxanor dock. I see heaps of potential for these two. So does Jack, as he catches them hand-holding, but not in the good way. More like, “Don’t steal my girl, Max!”

Black Sails S2E2- "X"

Vane: “I only came to this for the free food and booze.”

While Silver and Flint are still trying to figure out how on earth they’re going to make their comebacks onto the crew, Meeks is visiting Eleanor in her office. The discussion? Ned Low and his smug lowlife-ness. Meeks heard that Eleanor deposed a captain and he would like the same done to Ned Low. Eleanor explains that was a one-time deal and something she doesn’t do regularly. She is, however, interested, and hopes they get back to it once Eleanor is done with her meeting of the board members. Personally, I think Eleanor should make Meeks captain. He sounds much more levelheaded and equipped to handle the job. Oh, and look who actually joins the board meeting. Captain Vane!

Out in the market, Jack vocalizes his ‘Maxanne’ theory to Max and she doesn’t deny it. Whatever’s happened between the two women hasn’t been forced; it’s come naturally. There was no seducing like Jake suggested. Anne might have felt this way for quite some time; she did kill her entire crew to save Max’s life. Jack warns Max that he’s going to go running to Anne with this information. Nothing will be done of course if he does, this relationship seems mutual between the two. Max mutters a “Sorry not Sorry” and is on her way. Can I just say how blown away I am by the fact that I am witnessing a love triangle between two women and a man, and not one of them is phased by the idea of same-sex attraction/love. Love is love in this show, and it’s so refreshing. Jack is more upset that Max is meddling into their lives, not that she’s a woman.

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