Reign, S2 E12- Banished

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

Meanwhile, Bash has found Catherine on the ground nearly frozen. She clearly did not let Ghost!Henry go (get it?). Once warm, Bash tells her the real story of how her twins died. She feels terrible: all these years she’s secretly blamed Claude and it was all a lie.

Mary is tending to Francis’ wounds like he’s the Beast and she’s Belle in her chambers. Francis just spits it out and says it. He knows that Condé has feelings for her, and he also feels that their living of separate lives is a threat to their rule and their marriage. There can’t be doubts about their future heir. “Doubts like these start wars.”

As Catherine is having a bath, Henry is the one that gives her her robe. This will never not be creepy. Fortunately for me and Catherine, their time has come to an end. Finally. “I brought you here to ease my conscience.” Henry and the twins vacate and all this ghost business can end. Here’s my thoughts on the twins and Henry entering the show. I really loved how they were introduced onto the show (or reintroduced in Henry’s case); however, I felt that in the end it just dragged on and on. I appreciate seeing a more vulnerable Catherine, but I’m glad she’s back to her old ruthless self.

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

Oh no they didn’t!

Mary has a favor to ask of Lola. She wants Lola to marry Condé. Seeing how Lola won’t have Mary suffer and since she doesn’t have a suitor, it’s perfect. To me, the pairing is quite random and sprung on us, but I’m sure they’ll grow on us. Future favorite friendship perhaps? You gotta love Lola’s loyalty to Mary, stopping at nothing to make Mary happy.

Greer’s accountant announces to everyone at the festival that Castleroy’s personal ledger has the answers to if he had anything to do with the attack. Uh-oh. Because of the ledger’s contents, Greer is thrown in the dungeon as an accessory to the act. After a bit of time, Mary goes down to the dungeon to meet Greer and explain the specifics. Since the ledger did not give detail on which exact Protestant gave money, Greer can keep her life. However, she can not keep her land, title, money holdings, and place as lady in the French court, and must leave immediately. Greer is a mess. “Where will I go?” Yes, Reign writers, where will she go? What’s to happen to Greith? I was not ready for this twist, but that’s what makes this episode even more glorious – the surprise and suspense of it all. I do hope we continue to see Greer, though. First Aylee, now Greer; Mary’s ladies are dwindling and I don’t like it.

Remember Mary’s dog, Stirling, from the pilot episode? We finally see his adorable face again! He’s allowing Mary to pat his little head, sensing that Mary had yet another hard day at court. Francis walks in and hopes she’s okay with Greer’s departure. He also apologizes for his actions and is done with feeling alone. He hopes that he could comfort her this night and just be by her side, nothing physical. She would like that.

If you thought Greer’s departure was shocking, the end of “Banished” is sure to floor you. Catherine, stronger now that she doesn’t have Henry and twins holding her back, she confronts Diane, Bash’s Mom, on who really killed the twins. Why, Diane of course. The windows couldn’t possibly bust open from the wind; they have latches on them. They would have to physically be pried open by someone. In punishment, Catherine whacks Diane on the head and chokes her with her (Diane’s) own necklace. That ought to do it. Finished with her gruesome task, Catherine says to a dead Diane, “He’s all yours.” Henry and his mistress can live happily together, like they always wanted.

Once this scene was over and the episode had finished, I had no words to describe what I had just witnessed. Megan Follows (Catherine), you owned this entire episode. From gallivanting with your dead family in the cold tundra to killing your dead husband’s mistress.

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Next week’s episode, 2.13: “Sins of the Past” airs next Thursday at 9/8c! The trailer can be viewed below

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