Reign, S2 E12- Banished

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

The following story-line that occurs throughout the episode is my favorite in this whole episode. Claude and Bash Detective Agency is now open. The case? To look into who really killed the twins. Once former incestuous lovers (Bash: “She’s my half sister!”), now a pair that’s forced to be reckoned with. Jokes aside, I actually like that Bash is helping Claude out with this. It shows that he will always be there for her, regardless of their prickly past together. That’s how family should be.

Wonder what’s become of Narcisse? Well we finally see him again. He’s been guilty of embezzling, as he explains to Francis, and you know, I’ve kinda missed his face..a little bit. Mary storms in (as badass as usual) and exclaims that if his treason was blackmail he would totally be dead. Francis is in the midst of trying to restore land to the Protestants, so you know…he doesn’t look like a horrible king. Mary suggests Lord Condé should be one of those recipients.

While Francis and Narcisse are divvying the land up, Mary meets with Greer to give her some horrible news. There’s a chance Castleroy might be linked to the original attack in the castle. If this is found true than Greer would be an accessory. Who’s going to tell Mary that all accusations are totally true? Leith later catches Greer trying to find more information about Castleroy’s involvement with the Protestants in her room. Clearly caught in the act, she informs him that both Greer and Castleroy knew that he was funding the attack in the end, although prior to, he thought it was for a school. The two go to Castleroy’s accountant to try and see time-wise, when the money was spent.

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

Conde is a fine example of men wearing light blue and looking damn good in it.

With the new land offer in hand, Mary takes it to Condé. He doesn’t seem to think it’s fair after everything that’s happened. The everything could quite possibly be the whole debacle between the Protestants, Condé’s feelings for Mary, or the fact that he can’t stand Francis and feels he’s to blame for all this mess. (It’s probably the latter). What occurred next totally floored me. Out of comfort, Mary places her hand on his arm.

Normally, most people wouldn’t think anything of this. However, Mary has specifically stated numerous times to Francis and others (even in this episode to Francis) that she fears most physical contact with most people, men in particular. Clearly, she feels comfortable enough to touch Condé. This would be great, but the thing is: she still cringes every time Francis tries to touch her. To top it all off, Francis peers on this “intimacy” and needless to say appears peeved. Bring on a cat fight! (or would a Condé/Francis fight be considered a dog fight?) I feel for Francis. To not be able to comfort your wife in this difficult time must be terrible. To see for his own eyes that someone can give Mary something he can’t provide (comfort/physical contact) must be excruciating.

After Claude mentions to Bash that royal children are never left alone, so she couldn’t have possibly of killed the twins, the two detectives continue to dig up more possible suspects. They manage to track down the nanny that took care of Claude and the twins when they were younger. According to the nanny, she found the bodies, and even saw the flowers that were used. One small detail: only three people knew about the flowers. Catherine, the nurse that found them, and eventually Claude. You suddenly seem really guilty, former nanny. Knowing she’s a goner, the nanny explains her side of things. Henry had drugged and seduced her, leaving the nursery unattended for. By the time the nanny got to her senses and returned, the windows (which must have busted open) had been open for too long, causing the cold winds to freeze the twins to death. “You killed my sister and made me pay for it my entire life!” Claude yells to her in a fit. The former nanny is sent to the dungeon and the case is finally solved! Or is it?

Catherine certainly has had a busy day. She’s butt heads with Diane, and is now playing with the twins and Henry in this very Shining-esque snow maze/field. They insist she stay with them and become a family, and Henry even throws a kiss her way. Everything about this irks me to the core and I’m left feeling worried for Catherine. Even in his death Henry seduces and tricks people.

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

Royal Guard: “Oh, I did not leave Scotland for this!”

That night is the celebration of the Ice Festival. Everyone is wearing shades of blue and/or white, the decorations are stunning, and this is probably my favorite party they’ve ever had. It’s just so pretty! All is not well in the Francis/Condé friendship department, though. Francis confronts Conde about his feelings for Mary. Things get awkward and they end up bickering like high school girls.

The obvious way to resolve their issues is via jousting, which they engage in. Most of the party-goers just assume that they’re partaking in the festivities, until it turns into a high school fight. Kenna and Greer eventually realize that Mary is what’s between the boys.

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