Reign, S2 E12- Banished

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

You know those episodes in your favorite television show? The ones that you can watch over and over again and never get sick of? Perhaps the writing/storyline is spot on and oh so hilarious. Or your favorite characters did the one thing they’ve been striving for after episode upon episode and you couldn’t be prouder! Well, I can officially add the newest episode of Reign, 2.12: “Banished” onto my “favorite episodes of all time” list and for this series as well. I blame Megan Follows’ (Catherine) in this episode…and the beautiful blue/white coordinating outfits everyone donned.

We begin this episode two days after Condé and Mary’s trip to big brother Antoine’s château. You know what also happened two days ago in Reign world? Mary walking in on a sleeping Francis, Lola, and their son. She mentions this to Francis while the two are actually in the same room together, having an actual conversation. “It still hurt,” Mary says, “[It] gave me a glimpse of the happier life you could have.” While watching this episode, I took this scene point-blank and couldn’t agree more with Mary. I imagined Francis with a happy little life with his son and Lola, having the time of their lives. Now that I’m recapping it, I have quite a different opinion about it. Mary should by no way hold herself responsible for Francis’ happiness. Yes they are living separate lives and are still married. But at the end of the day, only Francis can make himself happy. Your thoughts on this? Anyway, regardless of their current relationship status, Mary believes that they still need to rule as one.

In Bash and Kenna’s chambers, Bash walks in with Kenna staring at him and she appears to be a little upset. After all, in last week’s episode Kenna finally found out the truth about Claude/Bash. I can only imagine her thinking as her husband is walking in, What he’s doing now? Claude again? Obviously, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kenna gets loads happier once Bash explains that Francis has given the two land and a new title: Baron and Baroness. Hooray! People can take them seriously now! Kenna’s ecstatic! So much in fact that even while he’s informing her on all the details, she’s undressing him in excitement! Oh Kenna, you are so cute. Don’t fully undress Bash though, Kenna darling. Why? Because Bash’s Mom, Diane, walks in on them a mere second later. Not only this but she can’t help but add that they totally could have been a Duke and Duchess, but Bash wanted to be closer to Francis. Drama!

Wanna know what’s even more dramatic? The annoyed yell I made when I realized there wasn’t an opening credits sequence for this episode. What?! Now I have to pause the episode to go and watch the Season 2 opening credits. *sigh* So much more work than if they put it in the episode. What’s an extra 30 seconds?  It’s okay guys, I’ll get over it (no I won’t).

Reign S2E12- "Banished"

King Henry is too sexy to pass over to the Spirit World

After I’m done with my whole opening credits spiel (this takes a good five minutes. I have a problem and I’m sorry), I can continue. Catherine is spending time with her dead twins and Henry, getting ready in her room. Two things I’d like to point out. 1) I like the symbolism of Catherine’s messy, “actually down for once” hair that the show is using to represent her succumbing to madness. (That’s what I got out of it at least). 2) Everyone take note that deceased King Henry is just chilling on the lounge chair (see photo on the right). Is he the original Abercrombie and Fitch model and I wasn’t aware of it?

Catherine and Henry have a conversation that involves Henry realizing how much he actually loathes his former love, Diane, and how he’s made mistakes in the past but he’s ready for them to become a better family again. Catherine, Henry, and the deceased twins. That’s not crazy at all.

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