Arrow, S3 Ep11 – Midnight City

Starling City continues to get deeper into trouble as Danny “Brick” Brickwell (Vinnie Jones) resumes his takeover, starting with The Glades. It doesn’t help that the city’s green hooded hero is nowhere to be found, but Ollie’s absence at least gives his team a chance to shine and prove their city can be saved, though they still have a long way to go. Roy, Diggle, and Felicity aren’t going at it alone, though, as Laurel joins the fight as the new Canary.

Laurel joins Team Arrow

Laurel joins Team Arrow

DC Comics fans should be happy to see that Laurel has finally taken her place as Canary, but honestly, the way things were going in season two I would have still liked to see Sara Lance remain as this universe’s version of the character. With Sara meeting her tragic end in “The Calm”, it was only a matter of time before Laurel donned her sister’s mask and continued the Canary legacy.

As much as I enjoy seeing Laurel take charge and fight crime, I get annoyed at how much of a rough start she’s having. It seems like the writers of Arrow completely forgot that it was teased in season one that Laurel knew how to fight. On top of that she’s had months of training with former Starling City vigilante, Ted Grant, so it’s a little odd seeing her just jump wildly into battle taking just as many hits as she dishes out. It’s a little strange how uneven the progression from regular person to superhero is on this show. Roy becomes a professional archer in a matter of months, while Laurel can barely swing her staff correctly. Still, I love seeing Laurel get in the game and look forward to seeing her when she hits her prime, perhaps even utilizing her sister’s sonic scream to full effect.

Lying has become a constant theme in Arrow, and “Midnight City” provides one that will surely complicate Laurel’s relationship with her father even more. Thanks to a voice changer provided by Felicity, Laurel is able to sound exactly like her dead sister. If you think that sounds creepy enough, she uses her new voice to further convince her father that Sara is still alive. As interesting as this arc has become, I find myself screaming at the TV every time Laurel digs herself a deeper hole. Once her father does figure out the truth, it will be more heartbreaking to him than it would’ve been had Laurel told him in the beginning.

It didn’t take Felicity long before she got back to fighting crime with Team Arrow. I’m glad she’s back, as she really is the heart of the team. Also, it turns out she will indeed assist Ray Palmer in his goals to becoming Starling City’s new hero, The Atom. Speaking of Ray Palmer, he had some interesting moments in “Midnight City,” whether it was him attempting to take down a criminal with a loaded gun or stepping up to Brick in a meeting with him and the cops.

While the team is fairing well on their own, successfully rescuing hostages from Brick through the use of a helicopter borrowed from Ray Palmer, the city is still in shambles and Brick is now in control of The Glades. Ollie is still recovering from a stab and a fall that really should have killed him, but hopefully he recovers soon, as his city needs all the help it can get. I was happy to see that Team Arrow took the spotlight in this episode, as the scenes involving Ollie didn’t progress the story too much further. Those scenes further established the divide between Tatsu and Maseo and Maseo’s devotion to remaining a member of the League of Assassins despite helping in Ollie’s recovery. While it hasn’t been revealed, I’m still assuming that the son of Tatsu and Maseo died back in Hong Kong, which has led to their divide.

We knew he couldn't be trusted

We knew he couldn’t be trusted

The episode concluded with Thea convincing Merlyn to allow them to remain in Starling City and fight Ra’s al Ghul if he were to come for them. Thea’s complete 180° into a stronger character this season has been very appreciated, even though she has aligned herself with her evil terrorist father. The fact that the two of them are remaining in Starling City makes me wonder if they will join in on a fight to save the city along with Roy, Laurel, Diggle, and Felicity.

While Laurel still isn’t living up to what I think is her full potential after three seasons, “Midnight City” was a very entertaining episode. For the most part, the characters seem to be making the right moves, continuing to help their city in Ollie’s absence. The twist at the the end involving Thea’s club DJ (whose name I never even bother to remember) secretly spying on Thea for the League of Assassins wasn’t all that surprising. I kind of figured he wasn’t someone who can be trusted since his first appearance, but I look forward to seeing how much of a thorn in Merlyn and Thea’s respective sides he becomes later on. There are a lot of elements leading up to what can be another epic season conclusion, as both Brick and Ra’s continue to be significant looming threats in Starling City.

Next Wednesday, February 4, Team Arrow may or may not join forces with Malcolm Merlyn in taking down Brick and restoring The Glades. Check out The CW’s official promo for “Uprising” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Midnight City” in the comments.

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