Marvel’s Agent Carter, S1 Ep04 – The Blitzkrieg Button

While the previous episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter didn’t progress the overall story much further, this week’s episode, “The Blitzkrieg Button”, brings a lot to the table, adding two major twists and fleshing out a few of the show’s ancillary characters. Also, Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark returns, taking his relationship with Carter into some rocky territory.


Stark hides out in Peggy apartment

“The Blitzkrieg Button” begins fairly humorously as Carter and Jarvis retrieve Stark from a pack of goons working for a Mr. Mink. We are treated to some fun action sequences in which Carter uses her wits and superior fighting skills to take multiple men down. Afterwards, Stark is taken to Carter’s apartment complex where he is to hide while the team plans their next mission in clearing Stark’s name and retrieving his inventions.

In previous episodes we were already warned that Stark was hiding something huge from Carter, and Jarvis knew about it. What the two of them have been hiding becomes revealed after Stark sends Carter into the S.S.R. to retrieve what he calls “The Blitzkrieg Button”. While watching the episode I didn’t imagine that Stark was lying about what “The Blitzkrieg Button” was. I thought it really was just another weapon of mass destruction. Once we see Jarvis nervously rubbing his ear during his car ride with Carter, we get suspicions that the button might not be what Stark says it is.

What was hidden within the orb that was apparently “The Blitzkrieg Button” was a vial of someone’s blood. At this point it’s pretty obvious whose blood that was, considering whom Carter and Stark had previously worked with. When Carter confronts Stark about it he comes clean, stating it is Captain America’s blood in the vial. This led to an emotionally driven scene between the two of them, as Carter feels betrayed by both Stark and Jarvis for lying to her about the true nature of what she was retrieving. A solid performance from Hayley Atwell is delivered, as Carter demeans Stark’s credibility and kicks him out of her apartment.

Having a vial of Captain America’s blood can mean a lot for this series and the Marvel universe in general. If the wrong people were to find out that Stark has a vial of this super soldier blood there’s no telling what they would try to do with it. Perhaps they can even figure out how to create a super soldier of their own.

The other big twist in “The Blitzkrieg Button” came out of Mr. Mink attempting to find Carter and Stark. Mr. Mink comes off as cold and ruthless throughout the entire episode, even going as far as killing his henchmen without hesitation or remorse. Near the episode’s conclusion he successfully sneaks into Carter’s apartment building and finds her room. Ordinarily in a situation like this Carter would probably spot her intruder and we’d be a treated to a scene of her kicking his butt. Instead something completely unexpected happens when Dottie, a newcomer to the series, spots him first and takes him down and kills him almost effortlessly, leading us to wonder who is Dottie and who does she work for?


Agent Sousa might soon discover something

“The Blitzkrieg Button” also aims to flesh out some of the show’s other characters, mainly those who work with Carter in the S.S.R. Roger Dooley, further investigating Leviathan, makes his way to Germany to interrogate a Nazi named Mueller who is to be executed. He convinces Mueller to give him the information he needs regarding the Leviathan members posing as missing Russian soldiers by giving him a cyanide pill. This way Mueller can have a painless death without his captors getting the satisfaction of doing it themselves. But then we get a sense of how conniving and clever Dooley can be as the cyanide pill was really just a breath mint.

Meanwhile back at the S.S.R., Agents Sousa and Thompson attempt to interrogate a homeless veteran who may or may not have seen who tipped them off in the previous episode. Sousa tries to appeal to his past as a war veteran by telling him a story of how people clapped when they saw him walk into a diner thinking it was because he was a veteran, but really because of his disability, as another veteran did not get the same treatment. The story was very touching and it further establishes the kind of good man Sousa really is. Unfortunately the story didn’t work on the homeless man, leading Thompson to use his own tactic teasing him with a free cheeseburger and bottle of liquor. After that Sousa and Thompson learned everything they needed.

There was also a very interesting moment between Thompson and Carter where Thompson asks her why she continues to work for the S.S.R., pointing out how she will never be treated the same as everybody else. Thompson will probably remain one of the men that doesn’t treat Carter as an equal and demands that she bring him lunch, but it’s intriguing to see that he recognizes how difficult of a position she is in.

“The Blitzkrieg Button” was another solid episode to Marvel’s hit series. It treated its audience to some fine performances while also providing some entertaining action and humor and progressing the story further. I’m looking forward to seeing where the two twists take the series to. Will someone find the vial of blood hidden in Carter’s wall? Is Dottie someone working against Agent Carter or can she be trusted? Also, after learning that a black-haired woman was at the scene of the crime, will Sousa uncover the truth that Carter is indeed the woman they’ve been looking for? With only four episodes left those are a good amount of threads left dangling that need to be resolved.

In next week’s episode Agent Carter teams up with The Howling Commandos on a mission in Russia. Check out the promo for “The Iron Ceiling” below and feel free to let us know your thoughts on “The Blitzkrieg Button” in the comments.