Black Sails, S2 E1- IX

Black Sails S2E1- "IX"

Not gonna lie, in order for me to do a brief “previously on Black Sails” recap of the last season, I would probably end up writing a ten page essay on the happenings of Nassau Island, the characters that reside, the multiple pirate ships and their captains…the list goes on and on. Instead, I recommend you checking out the couple recaps we have up on the site from last season. They are not written by yours truly, but they are still just as worth the read. Now onto Season 2!

The season premiere starts off with a bang; well to be specific it’s an entire ship being taken off. The captain of the ship seems totally fine with it. He figured something like this would occur and he’s taken the necessary precautions. He hands the schedule of inventory to the captain of obvious pirates that have taken over. After making casual small talk (because that’s what you do when you’re being ambushed) about Nassau and the teenager that runs the place (that would be Eleanor. And you’re mistaken good sir. I’m sure of it. Black Sails, state Miss Guthrie’s date of birth at some point in the show!), the creepy pirate whom I’m calling Scar based on his scar that can be seen running vertically down one side of his face, sees something he likes very much on their inventory. Too bad he wants no witnesses for when he steals it. He allows his men to kill everyone that was on the ship and shoots the captain himself. It’s clear just from this scene that these particular pirates are major bad news. Oh, and the treasure that Scar desperately wanted: a woman of course.

Black Sails S2E1- "IX"

Once he’s your friend, he will defend you no matter what. #FriendshipGoals

Meanwhile, Flint and his crew (excuse me, ex-crew) aren’t as lucky. They’re still stranded on the island alongside Spanish soldiers. No one except for maybe John Silver is on Flint’s side right now. Man, you kill one person (okay maybe two) and feed your crew tiny lies and they all practically want to kill you. There is a silver lining however. The newly appointed Captain (or is he the quartermaster? I can’t remember), Dufresne, aka Nerd!Pirate, allows for Flint to try and steal the Spanish warship in exchange for the crew’s forgiveness. Anyone notice that Dufresne is portrayed by a different actor? And you think we wouldn’t notice, Black Sails?! As of right now, original nerd!pirate was better; he delivered this great sense of adorkable behavior yet still managed to kill people if needed. I’ll let new Nerd!Pirate sink in and see if he floats my boat over the course of this season. (See what I did there? Told you I was working on my pirate puns. Have you?) After John Silver has volunteered to help Flint out with the capture, we are thrown into Flint’s life pre-pirate. London 1705, also pre-beard Flint. He’s so little!

Back on Nassau Island, Eleanor visits Captain Vane demanding that he actually show up to board meetings, now that he’s on the committee and everything. Vane just looks at her with a stoic expression on his face, mumbling a “Sorry.” Eleanor is not taking his shit (can I swear in this recaps? It is an M-Rated show, after all). Because of Vane’s recent laziness items have been stolen just this morning and she can’t have her business suffer. After throwing several f-bombs his way, thus causing me to love her even more (Eleanor doesn’t take any shit!), she exits his room. Ah, Eleanor, oh how I’ve missed your sass. Get it girl!

Over at a different Island, let’s call it Desert Island (cause they’re all deserted. Get it? No. Okay). Flint is trying to brainstorm ideas on how he and Silver are going to take over the Spanish warship. John Silver practically goes all bug-eyed; like he’s Wile Coyote about to fall off a cliff bug-eyed. Yeah, Silver didn’t know they would actually be stealing the ship. He thought they were using that as an excuse to escape, which he is so down for. Seeing how badly Flint needs this, however (Nerd!Pirate 2.0 made it clear that even if Flint succeeds, he is still not welcome back on the Walrus. That’s rough buddy), he adheres to the plan. The two swim their way to the ship and sneak their way on board.

We are also given another lovely flashback of Pre-Pirate Flint. He is showing his boss (which I believe is also Miranda Barlow’s husband, whom Flint later runs away with) the hanging of a Davy-something-or-other and declaring his opinions on piracy in the West Indies. It’s all evil and he finds it absurd. Just you wait buddy. Just you wait.

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