Reign, S2 E11- Getaway

Reign S2E11- "Getaway"

Well ladies and gents, we’re back in French court alongside Mary, Francis, Catherine and company. Need a quick refresher to what happened over the break? You got it (in three sentences or less). Mary was sexually assaulted by an evil Protestant named Severin, which lead her into a serious case of revenge (she burned her attackers alive in a cabin. Ouch). She also found out (via letter) that Condé has some mad feelings for her. And lastly, King Henry’s back (in ghost form of course) to either a) seduce Catherine or b) help her slowly poison Claude; I still don’t know what his motives are.

Two weeks have gone by since the events of the previous episode, 2.10: “Mercy”, occurred. For a visual proof of what that looks like, we have a lovely image of frozen dead corpses the second the episode starts. Remember the Protestant prisoners that Francis made stay outside in the freezing cold? Well, he ultimately decided to hang them, and I guess the royal clean-up crew got lazy and decided to let them rot some more. Too much? Probably. However, it’s come to Bash and several other royal guards’ attention that everyone that had attacked the castle all resembled the mark of the Dark Riders! Before they can get to the bottom of it, a new Cardinal by the name of Perazzo canters over to them on his horse, explaining his theory: the Protestants are really evil radical traitors that made up the Dark Riders story. Really? Well if you say so.

Inside the castle, Mary is trying to live her life separate from Francis. Francis on the other hand, can’t take a hint. He enters her chambers with his hands full of firewood because he figured she could use some. Francis, your inner servant is showing. You’re also really adorable. Alas, Mary sets him straight on how they may be technically a married King and Queen, all they’re really doing together is ruling a country. While she’s got his attention, she mentions that they will be separated even more for the time being, because Mary will be spending some time alone at one of their châteaus. By alone she means also with Greer. Girl’s got to have her lady in waiting there. Francis takes this news like a champ and continues on with his day.

He visits Lola in the nursery who’s dealing with their hysterically crying son, then hears the news of the the Dark Riders’ mark from Bash. Unlike Perazzo, Bash believes the corpses were marked after their death to show hate towards Protestants. Interesting theory and honestly, probably highly likely. I buy it! However, a slight problem occurs. Condé’s previous lady mistress tells Cardinal Perazzo that he too has the brand of the Dark Riders. Uh-oh.

Overhearing this news, Mary grabs Condé and arranges so that her royal guards take them to where his brother, Antoine, is staying. Leith also feels obligated as the newly appointed Captain of Royal Escort to tag along as well. Is that really the reason? Or is it because a certain someone is joining them? Greer.

Reign S2E11- "Getaway"

Brotherly love at its finest.

Antoine is perfectly pleasant to Mary the instant they arrive and when Condé introduces her to him. “We’ll ready you a chamber at once,” Condé’s brother states. Antoine even invites the group to a special party of his occurring later that evening. How admirable of him, right? Wait until Mary gets wind of the kind of party it actually is.

Back at the castle, Catherine and Ghost!Henry are really, how do I put this? Like this: Henry is full on seducing Catherine while she is in the midst of pouring poison into Claude’s soup. I guess slowly killing their child turns them on? That’s a new one. Let me just stop this recap right here. I don’t know what to make of King Henry returning, do you? Is he a ghost like they’re so far portraying him as? Or is he just in Catherine’s imagination (along with her late twins)? I want to believe that it’s all in Catherine’s imagination, but would she really want to murder her daughter? I need answers, Reign writers! What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear theories/ideas!

Back to recapping! As Catherine (and Henry) are strolling down the hallway to deliver Claude her daily poisoned soup, they run into Henry’s old flame and Bash’s current one, Kenna. The following bit of dialogue is my favorite in the entire episode, maybe in the entire season thus far. Henry questions why on earth he was even interested in Kenna in the first place. “It was her ass,” Catherine boldly states. Little did Catherine know that she said this out loud, within earshot of Kenna (well, Kenna was only a mere few feet in front of her). Confused, Kenna turns around. All Catherine can think to say is, “Not everything is about your ass! Move it out of the way.” And so she does. Beautiful piece of dialogue. It’s simple, yet hilarious. After that comment, Catherine has Kenna’s attention. She follows her to Claude’s chambers where a seriously ill Claude is bedridden. While spying on Catherine spoon feeding her daughter soup, Kenna’s interest is piqued. Detective Kenna is on the case.

Reign S2E11- "Getaway"

“A toast to my brother, Louis, who clearly wants to bang Queen Mary.”

Oh, that party that Antoine threw? It’s just your average sex party. The premise: Antoine pairs two people up (married folk are allowed!) and the two basically get it on for the whole party to see (via see through curtains and sexy mood lighting). While this type of soiree might be fun for some people, you can count Greer and Mary out. They hastily leave. Condé, on the other hand, gets paired off with a woman that’s very interested in him (to put it lightly). Too bad he’s got Mary on the mind. But for the woman that’s perfectly fine. She then blindfolds him (wanky) and instructs that all he do is think about “her”. That’ll do the trick.

Back at the castle, after realizing Catherine was slowly killing her daughter, Kenna starts bringing Claude safe food for her to eat. Quickly, Claude is regaining her health. However, Claude isn’t nearly as grateful towards Kenna as she thought she’d be. Once Kenna explains what she thinks Claude’s mother has been doing to her, the poor girl is in completely denial. How could a mother do that to her own children? Um Claude, you haven’t read/seen Flowers in the Attic, have you? As a thank you, Claude reveals the real relationship she has had with Bash most of her life. “If you knew anything, you’d know Bash and I were lovers!” Takes Kenna seconds to figure out when someone’s been poisoned, but takes her weeks to realize why Bash kept referring Claude as his half-sister a million times. (Bash: “So you have your sisters, and then you have your half-sisters, and then you have your step-sisters. Everyone: “No honey.”)

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