Arrow, S3 Ep10 – Left Behind

After a shocking mid-season finale, Arrow returns with “Left Behind”, an episode that sees Felicity, Diggle, and Roy attempt to protect Starling City in Ollie’s absence. It also gives us an update on Ray Palmer’s and Laurel Lance’s state as The Atom and Black Canary respectively, all while filling us in on Ollie’s current whereabouts.

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Brick vs. Diggle

With Ollie out of the picture, the team struggles with keeping Starling City under control, especially when a new villain named Danny “Brick” Brickwell (Vinnie Jones) enters the scene. Vinnie Jones’ Brick is menacing throughout and fun to watch on screen. He proves to be a worthy adversary when facing off against Diggle, and even gives his a opponents a chance to shoot him before he attacks. I imagine we’ll see Ollie face off against him near the end of the season.

At this point in the episode, Team Arrow has been given the confirmation from Merlyn that Ollie is dead. While both Felicity and Laurel ignore Merlyn’s words, both Diggle and Roy have come to terms with the possibility beforehand. This makes “Left Behind” a very important episode for Felicity in particular, as she has to come to terms with the idea that Ollie may not be returning. Her grief eventually leads to her giving up on Team Arrow as if they don’t stand a chance without Ollie. Scared to lose any more friends, she prevents Diggle and Roy from further pursuing Brick and even backs out of working with Ray Palmer and his desire to become Starling City’s newest hero.

Diggle also has a very interesting arc as he tries to remain level headed throughout the episode, wanting to continue Ollie’s crusade without him. The episode even opens with Diggle sporting Ollie’s outfit just to make sure the bad guys of Starling City know the Arrow is still out there. Out of this comes one of the episodes more humorous moments, as Diggle addresses the tightness of the outfit. Roy also steps up his game as Arsenal, becoming a near-worthy successor to his green counterpart.

Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer continues to be a very charming on screen, but in “Left Behind” we see he also has stern side of him after Felicity mentions his deceased ex. It was heartbreaking seeing Felicity and Ray Palmer part ways, but on the other hand it looks like his Atom suit is coming along nicely. There is still is a lot of work to be done on his part, but hopefully we’ll be able to see him suit up before the end of the season.

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Ray Palmer tests out his A.T.O.M. Exosuit

“Left Behind” ended with several new revelations that I found very compelling. Laurel finally suits up as Black Canary, looking good in her heroic new outfit and delivering a somewhat cheesy, but bad-ass line to a criminal. With Brick’s escape from Diggle and Roy, Brick is able to gather up several criminals in the attempt to take over The Glades.

Lastly, we see what becomes of Ollie. Throughout the episode Ollie is being dragged through the snow by an unknown person. We eventually find out that person is Ollie’s former handler, Maseo Yamashiro, and he takes him to his wife Tatsu to “bring him back to life”. This was a great way to end the episode. I was relieved to see Tatsu was alive and well, and now that she is in the present-day Arrow scenes, hopefully we’ll more of her. We still haven’t found out what tragedy occurred in Maseo and Tatsu’s past that led Maseo to joining the League of Assassins, but given that Tatsu is alive one can assume that their son was killed by China White in Hong Kong.

“Left Behind” was a very strong return for the series filled with solid performances all around, especially from Emily Bett Rickards’ as Felicity deals with the apparent loss of Ollie. The flashback scenes weren’t as compelling as the present-day scenes (which is usually the case), but I feel that they are leading up to something big. Even without Ollie in the picture, seeing Diggle and Roy take down criminals and get into car chases was very entertaining. When it comes to action, Arrow always delivers.

Next week Danny “Brick” Brickwell’s criminal acts continue and it looks like Black Canary and Arsenal will team up in taking him down. Check out the trailer for “Midnight City” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Left Behind” in the comments.

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