Parks and Recreation S7 Ep2 “Ron and Jammy”

There were a lot of twos in last Tuesday’s second episode of Parks and Rec‘s final season: it’s episode two, there are two versions to watch, two returning guest stars, and Tammy 2. But first, let’s talk about that second item (I swear, I’ll stop with the twos in a minute).

On Hulu, you can watch either the version of “Ron and Jammy” that was aired on television, or the producer’s cut, which is about six minutes longer. The producer’s cut doesn’t change the episode, but it does elaborate on some aspects. There are several additional scenes (nothing that will break the internet, but it’s always nice to have more Pawnee), and the editing is slightly different.

Back in August, we began hearing about who would be coming to Pawnee in 2017. So far, the show hasn’t been pulling any punches in terms of guest stars. Episode one (“2017”) featured Jon Hamm as the incompetent National Parks employee Ed, and episode two brought back Tammy Two (Megan Mullaly) and Lucy (Natalie Morales).

Every hero needs a villain, every protagonist need an antagonist. This is most definitely true for Leslie Knope, whose main rival is the awful Councilman Jeremy Jamm. Leslie echoes my exact thoughts when she walks into his office at the beginning of episode two and says, “Oh Jeremy, I truly thought that I would never have to interact with you again.” Even though she’s moved on to bigger and better things, Leslie still has to deal with Pawnee’s city council on certain issues, including the issue of the Newport land. The city council will vote to determine if the land can be rezoned for commercial purposes; if they vote no, Leslie gets her park. Naturally, Jamm is the tie-breaker.

Parks and RecreationJamm is also sporting a new look in 2017, one that I am going to call the “Swanson.” Yes, Jamm is wearing a maroon long-sleeved polo shirt, khakis, and has grown a mustache. Jamm is so dedicated to this new look that he’s even dating Ron’s second ex-wife, Tammy Two. Ron comments that they are both despicable humans who therefore deserve each other, but all is not as it seems.

For once it seems that Leslie will get her way with Jamm, as Tammy is out to destroy Ron. Voting against rezoning the land will help with that goal. But in the council chambers, Jamm changes his tune and expresses support for Ron’s side, without letting Leslie speak. She accuses Ron of sneaking in an impassioned and nonsensical speech about sneaking, snooking, and snorting – which are all, apparently, variations on the word “sneak.”

Tammy Two is naturally the one behind everything. She hates Leslie for keeping Ron away from her and forcing her to settle for “this placeholder,” Jamm. Ron is now immune to her advances thanks to his perfectly healthy relationship with his wife Diane.

Leslie attempts to sway Jamm on her own, and learns the startling truth: Tammy Two is tearing Jamm apart. The man is forced to consume a diet of only steak and whiskey, his hair is falling out, and he generally looks awful. Realizing what Tammy has done to him, Leslie sets out to find Ron and help heal her former rival.

Parks and RecreationRon and Leslie devise a series of several obstacles (the Tammy Deprograming Kit), teaching Jamm how to resist Tammy’s power. When he is finally deemed stable, they bring him to the library to break up with Tammy. Even when Tammy offers to give Leslie the vote if she leaves them alone, Leslie doesn’t budge. Despite Tammy’s complete nakedness inside the library in the middle of the day, Jamm doesn’t break. Because of Leslie and Ron’s help, Jamm chooses to abstain from the final vote – he can’t choose between his two best friends.

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