Glee S6 Ep3 “Jagged Little Tapestry”

So who gets custody of the sheet music?

So who gets custody of the sheet music?

And we’re back! The final season of Glee is clicking along, as we start to settle into the meat of out swan songing stories. “Jagged Little Tapestry” brings us the mash up of Carole King and Alanis Morissette, happy endings and longing looks to the past, old enemies and new thinking. The Endless Saga of Klaine rolls on, Brittana gets some good news and everyone learns a lesson from Becky’s boyfriend – but not the one you might be expecting.

We open on Kurt lamenting Lima’s Sheet Music store’s lack of a Smash soundtrack. Something which Blaine calls a “hate crime against show choir.” Kurt steels himself to being face to face with his ex – but cue longing turning to teeth-gritted exasperation as Dave shows up, arm around Blaine’s shoulder.

Oh noooo.

They chat, being all adult and stuff but thought bubbles point to “well, Dave’s happy!” and everyone else is just awkward.

Time for a duet.

Side bar: Cards on the table, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer have perfectly suited voices. Their duets have managed to convey everything from flirting to passion to playfulness to angst. They are able to sing in character and use their acting ability to sell what we’re supposed to take from the song. Not an easy feat. And here we get a full frontal of “bittersweet melancholy” and it’s perfect.

Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” begins as they exchange quick glances from across the store. They exchange stanzas before moving to the Lima Bean, where Blaine and a flashback Warbler!Kurt sing their memories to each other. Split screen adds to the fracture as Kurt looks over photographs of them in happier times while Blaine does the same on his phone.

Is it too late?

Spoiler alert: Magic 8 Ball says – come on now!

Rachel's greatest act of courage thus far: sitting on the choir room floor in that skirt.

Rachel’s greatest act of courage thus far: sitting on the choir room floor in that skirt.

Rachel and Kurt sort sheet music on the floor of the choir room as Kurt recounts his encounter with Blaine, Dave and musical fantasy. This provokes him to offer “Tapestry” as this week’s lesson. Rachel counters with “Jagged Little Pill” instead – still a downer but with more energy! Mr. Schue may have had a questionable attachment to rap and Journey but isn’t their job to educate these kids as well as win competitions. Rachel points out it might have been easier since he was teaching without a partner…

Kurt is learning because instead of getting irritated, he offers a compromise: how about BOTH albums? Educating AND firing up! Rachel agrees, high-fives are exchanged and woo! Progress.

Sam! We’ve missed Sam and his wacky hijinks which at this moment include him ironing (and sniffing) jock straps. Never change White Chocolate, never change.

Coach Beiste arrives late, due to bad sushi and a prolonged date with “the pot.” That’s okay, because Sam is handling practice on his own and doing a great job. The guys love him and he loves what he does – in fact, his new dream is to take over from Beiste when she retires. Hey, he totally succeeded with his last dream so this one seems in the bag. And Shannon agrees.

Things are going so well so Sam drops a concern he’s having. The coach has been skipping practice a lot lately… Even though Sam is super nice about it, Beiste gets pissed off and goes from cool to explosive in a hot second. Sam apologies and she backs down. Actually her knee needs to be replaced again and she’s going to need some time off. Whew! Sam’s relieved – he was afraid it was something more serious.

Spencer the Post Modernist enters, and inquires about a shot at starting quarterback. Much like the convo with Sam, polite discourse goes off the rail in a fury and Beiste yells at him before stalking out. Tough breaks, says Sam, who would totally put him in as quarterback if he were in charge.

Oh, nice thinky scheming face there Spencer. Who taught you that? Modern Family? I think not.

Back in the choir room, the high-five of cooperation has worn off as Kurt and Rachel politely skirmish around delivering today’s lesson.

Rachel welcomes all to the first official official Glee club rehearsal and thanks the remaining alums for sticking around another week. Quinn, Puck, Tina, Santana and Brittany fill the chairs with the new kids and Jane is the first to point out the obvious.

How are you guys doing that? With the staying and such? Because schools have calendars and attendance requirements and I don’t know exactly how the military works but I’m thinking they have rules too.

Brittany: “I can bend space and time with my mind.”

Best explanation we’ve gotten so far so…

Kurt’s got his marker uncapped as he attempts to get a word in edgewise as Rachel introduces this week’s fun topic – which is not Katy Perry or show tunes! But even his attempt at writing on the board are thwarted by Rachel’s pre-written – and pre-starred – Jagged Little Tapestry.

As the alums seem amused, the new kids look…confused. Something about chocolate and peanut butter, and breezy versus angry. It’s about two points of view and combining – and they do a pretty excellent job of demonstrating how this ISN’T done.

Jane still isn’t sure what’s going on so Rachel clarifies – find a fellow student with a different style and work together to mash-up a song from each album. Which she and Kurt will show them as soon as they stop whisper/bickering…

Santana steps in – since the two of them are having issues, she and Brittany will do a demo tomorrow.

You know things are bad when Santana has to step in to smooth things over…

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