The Flash, S1 Ep10 – Revenge of the Rogues

In this week’s episode of The Flash, Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller), a.k.a. Captain Cold, returns to Central City with a vendetta against The Flash. He is joined by his new partner in crime named Mick Rory, played by fellow Prison Break alum Dominic Purcell, who relies on his handheld flamethrower the opposite of Snart’s cold gun. Additionally, “Revenge of the Rogues” aims to address Barry’s state after battling the Reverse-Flash in “The Man in the Yellow Suit” and attempts to resolve issues that have arisen in Barry and Iris’ relationship.

Dominic Purcell as Heatwave

Dominic Purcell as Heatwave

“Revenge of the Rogues” sees Barry Allen try to prioritize. On the one hand he wants to keep training in order to get faster and eventually take down the Reverse-Flash if he ever shows. On the other hand, Captain Cold is back and Barry needs to stop him. At first Barry opts out of taking down Cold, leaving it all in the hands of the police and his friend Cisco, who invents special shielding for the Central City police. This idea of letting the police handle things and training more was put there by Dr. Wells, who we all know is the Reverse-Flash, as evident by mid-season finale’s final scene. Why exactly Wells wants The Flash to improve his abilities is still unclear.

Though Barry was initially misguided, he eventually changes his mind as he sees Captain Cold has a new partner who Cisco humorously and effortlessly nicknames Heatwave. To make matters worse, the duo eventually kidnaps Caitlin in order to get Barry’s attention. This leads to a showdown in a squared off section of Central City between The Flash and (I’ll just say it) The Rogues. The solution was to make both Captain Cold and Heatwave cross their streams to cancel their weapons out. The obvious Ghostbusters reference was cleverly made by Barry himself.

While the final battle was a fun watch, I couldn’t help thinking there was a better way Barry could have taking them down. In previous episodes we’ve seen Barry move so fast that the things around him literally come to a standstill. Can’t Barry just run behind them and punch them each in the back of the head? They aren’t even meta-humans. I understand the reasons for not doing something like this, though. Firstly, that would be boring to watch and secondly, the show wouldn’t want to overpower its protagonist so much so soon.

Some of my favorite scenes in “Revenge of the Rogues” consisted of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold and Dominic Purcell’s Heatwave acting alongside each other. It really felt like they were overacting at certain points, but it made their conversations that much more enjoyable. Also, while I was never a  Prison Break fan, I’m sure a few of you out there were happy to see this reunion take place.

It was also nice seeing Cisco earn some respect from the C.C.P.D. as his inventions did help save the police force several times. Cisco also assisted Detective West in saving Caitlin from The Rogues. I was glad to see nothing bad happened to her, plus Caitlin still has her own issues to sort out.

Detective West protects himself with Cisco's special shielding

West protects himself with Cisco’s special shielding

In “Revenge of the Rogues” Caitlin decides to look up the term “F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.”, which is one of the last things her fiancée Ronnie said to her in “The Man in the Yellow Suit”. This leads her to finding Jason Rusch (Luc Roderique), who in turn tells her about the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project and a possible government conspiracy which led to the disappearance of a Dr. Martin Stein. So far it seems like a compelling mystery is emerging, and although I know what becomes of F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. based on events in the comics, I’m still interested in seeing how things play out on The Flash.

“Revenge of the Rogues” also had a few heartfelt moments in regards to Barry and Iris’ relationship. In the mid-season finale, Barry professed his love for Iris, which has since made things super awkward between them. One of the finale scenes of “Revenge of the Rogues” saw Barry address the elephant in the room and reassure Iris that they can and will still be best friends. Hopefully, he’s right.

Overall, “Revenge of the Rogues” was a fun and entertaining episode and solid return for the series. The episode evolved the states of certain characters, and left off on a solid cliffhanger involving Cold’s sister (who appears off screen) breaking him and Heatwave out of an armored truck. The Flash is no longer a secret in Central City as he was highly visible in his battle against The Rogues, and Barry has decided to move back in with Detective West further building on their father-son relationship. I look forward to seeing how these changes progress the series as the citizens of Central City may now openly root for their city’s hero or act against him.

Next week a new villain arrives in the form of Hartley Rathaway, a.k.a. Pied Piper, played by Andy Mientus (Smash). Check out the official promo for “The Sound and the Fury” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Revenge of the Rogues” in the comments.

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