Marvel’s Agent Carter, S1 Ep03 – Time & Tide

After a solid two-hour premiere, Marvel’s Agent Carter returns this week with an episode that is not only entertaining, but one that adequately fleshes out some of its characters as well. As Agent Carter and her partner in crime, Edwin Jarvis, continue their mission to clear Howard Stark’s name not everything goes exactly to plan.

After a humorous opening where Carter draws her weapon on a man trying to sneak into his girlfriend’s apartment, the strict lifestyle of Carter’s new home becomes more apparent. A woman is evicted for having a man over after hours, further establishing Carter’s landlady’s prison warden-like temperament. The eviction eventually leads to a new face moving in to Carter’s communal household in the form of Dottie, played by Jane the Virgin‘s Bridget Regan. Not much is given about this new character, but I’d imagine she is one to look out for.

Carter uncovers stolen Stark tech

Carter uncovers stolen Stark tech

Afterwards, Carter meets up with Jarvis to discuss their mission going forth. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Carter’s SSR buddies, who had found Stark’s license plate in the Roxxon factory wreckage in last week’s episode. While Carter wasn’t seen or incriminated, Jarvis is taken into custody for interrogation, which leads to an interesting revelation concerning the character. In order to get what they can out of him, Jarvis is reminded of his past treason and his wife is threatened with deportation. We find out afterwards that Jarvis committed treason in order to save his Jewish wife from Budapest, and it was Stark who helped him avoid execution, bringing him to America. Jarvis has already been painted as a character we can root for, but this selfless act of treason further cements that fact.

Eventually Carter assists in releasing Jarvis from his interrogation, but unfortunately she purposely makes herself appear incompetent in doing so. She loses points with her SSR teammates, but at least she and Jarvis are able to get back on track, finding a large amount of Stark’s stolen tech guarded by a possible Leviathan henchman. The fight scene that follows is highly entertaining and well choreographed. So far this show has done well in that department, making Carter’s fighting style feel very authentic and real. She can handle herself well in a scrap, but there are times when the enemy is too much for her. Jarvis did help out in this fight eventually, though, and the henchman was able to be taken down with one of Stark’s inventions.

Carter and Jarvis have a brief discussion on whether or not she should personally inform her SSR teammates about what they found, but Jarvis convinces her that it would be best not to, as that act would only further incriminate her character. This leads to Jarvis calling them up and dropping an anonymous tip in a fake Brooklyn accent. This is one of the episode’s more humorous moments. Actually, Jarvis delivers some of this week’s most memorable quotes, whether he’s commenting on how he hasn’t sat in the back of a car in years or sarcastically commenting about Stark’s death ray in Nevada.


Carter and Jarvis make a decent team

The episode concludes with Agents Thompson, Dooley, and Krzeminski heading to the crime scene and finding the beaten down henchman. As Krzeminski drives the suspect to headquarters the two are confronted with what is most likely a Leviathan-hired hitman. The hitman murders the suspect as well as Krzeminski. The next day the SSR mourns the death of their fallen comrade, and Carter feels appropriately guilty for leading him there.

In the first two episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter, Krzeminski didn’t come off as a likable character. I felt the show was trying to make him a comic relief, but he just wasn’t funny. On top of that, he drops a very mean spirited comment in “Time & Tide” about Agent Sousa’s handicap. So, obviously no tears are being shed on my end for the death of this character. Still, the fact that he is murdered does raise the stakes a bit. The SSR is even more determined to crack this case and Stark is in their cross hairs now more than ever.

Overall, “Time & Tide” was another solid episode in this series. The action was spot-on and the character developments were well executed. The relationship between Carter and Jarvis is fleshed out much more and questions of trust between the two of them were appropriately raised. Also, “Time & Tide” cut way back on the Captain America references, which I greatly appreciate. Marvel’s Agent Carter is definitely coming into its own. My only concern with this episode is not much happens story-wise. The story is only moved forward slightly, which would be fine for a longer series, but this series only intends to run eight episodes. Hopefully, we’ll find out a bit more about Leviathan’s plans and Stark’s true intentions in the next episode.

Marvel’s Agent Carter returns Tuesday, January 27 with “The Blitzkrieg Button”. Check out the promo below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Time & Tide” in the comments.