Glee S6 Ep2 “Homecoming”

Yes, that’s right. Reformed bad seed Kitty is still at McKinley. Seems Sue recognized her evil talents and allowed her to stay – and she seems quite pissed off. They need her back? Really? Not a chance in hell given the way her group was forgotten and abandoned – and she was dumped by Artie when he went away to school.

Kitty: “Sue let me stay because she recognized I’m a star player. Unlike Rachel Berry who never bothered to learn my name.”


In the middle of Kitty’s smack down, a voice pipes up. Can people audition together?

Sure! Two of the cheerleaders separate from the herd and Kitty refers to them as “The Incest Twins,” who apparently don’t know that Flowers in the Attic is not a love story to aspire to.

Side bar: Kitty’s speech is uncomfortable – as the four grads don’t have much of an argument or rebuttal – because it should be. We spent a year and a half with New New Directions and now they are gone, scattered the wind, stories incomplete. Sue (Life) pushed them out and now there’s no way to finish what they started. The poignancy of Kitty’s anger – because seriously, she’s right – is another uncomfortable truth. Their story wasn’t supposed to end this way…Finn’s kids deserve better.

Brittany gives Kurt some relationship advice – if he wants to get Blaine back, he has to burn all his clothes and come clean about his desire to be the top Barbara Bush impersonator.

Well, at least we know what went wrong.

Glee - Rachel Berry, S6Rachel calls for a report – how is recruiting going?!

Horribly. It’s dire, it’s terrible…hey, does everyone hear that singing through the vents?

The gang tracks down…Roderick! In the library, with his headphones, singing. He thinks they’re coming to beat him up and hey, he just needs a minute to get into the fetal position.

The team gives their best speeches in support of Glee Club to the reluctant young man. He’s designed his entire life to be unnoticed, which Rachel at this moment understands completely. But these people? Being with them reminds her of the best parts of herself. Roderick is the poster child for Glee – a place where misfits fit in.

Quinn: “We’re all so different and yet there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.”

Sue isn’t a happy camper. The Glee Club she thought she’d killed has revived – and created a literal ulcer in her stomach. She needs a pawn, a player to use to destroy the club once and for all! Oh yes, she knows who her shiny new play thing is.


Spencer: “So you want me to join Glee Club, be terrible on purpose, and have everyone get demoralized?”

Sue: “Works every time.”

Side bar: Oh…Sue. Once again, we are reminded that Sue created the monster she keeps having to destroy. Every one of her schemes winds up leading to another kid finding their way. Pawns and victims become friends! Why can’t she learn? Oh right, because she’s never fully understood what these kids mean to each other and the relationships they’ve created. Which is sad, but it also makes her the villain they can defeat. Like Spencer doesn’t understand Glee, neither does Sue.

Despite the offer of a Tom Brady fleshlight, Spencer has no interest in being her plaything. Even when she offers to force Coach Bieste into making him starting quarterback. If she wants to destroy the club, she’s going to need better material than sex toys.

He really is post modern!

It’s Roderick’s audition time – no pressure, just all the grads and Rachel and Kurt and a band and the spotlight. Go for it!

Which he does, with a slaying version of “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett – deep, soulful and hey, backed up by the Unholy Trinity! You got this Roderick. Welcome to the Club.

It’s Homecoming Day and McKinley’s own Becky Jackson is the day’s grand marshal. She lets loose over the PA system as Rachel walks onto the stage, obviously melancholy. Roderick and Kurt find her there – she’s late for the first official Glee Club meeting!

She’s wondering how Mr. Schue did it – how he took nothing and made them into who they are. Kurt points out they can’t recreate what they had, but how about being open to something new?

I’m gonna go ahead and sign post that right now.

Roderick asks why they can’t just have the meeting here – he is the only member. But Rachel is happy to announce that someone else has joined?

Kurt: “Who?”

Well, given the fact that Blaine has just stormed onto the stage, pissed off, I’m going to hazard a guess.

Flashback! Jane went to Rachel and asked to join New Directions – given the feelings of the Warblers and the fact that McKinley is now a good school, her parents are willing to let her transfer.

Back on the stage, it turns out that Blaine has spent two days threatening to quit his job until he got Jane into the Warblers – only to find out she’s transferred to McKinley. Oops.

Kurt tries to be reasonable, but Blaine thinks he might have had a hand in this after seeing Blaine with Dave.

Oh. I think Blaine’s still a little peeved about the break-up, just a hunch.

Roderick backs up, clearly reconsidering joining the club and having no idea this is about one tenth of the drama which will probably enter his life…

Blaine: “This whole friendly competition thing? It’s over.”

That didn’t last long, did it.

Meet your new co-teachers/teacher and assistant...well, we'll figure it out later.

Meet your new co-teachers/teacher and assistant…well, we’ll figure it out later.

Back in the choir room, the first meeting begins! With Roderick and Jane and Kurt and Rachel. But no wait! There’s more.

The McCarthy’s are here!

Madison (Laura Dreyfuss) and Mason (Billy Lewis, Jr.) aka The Incest Twins who, are super pumped to be here! They are adorable and perky cheerleaders, he has interesting hair, and once they start talking it becomes a sort of Rachel Berry/Brittany conglomeration that one wonders would be the end result of Kurt and Blaine individually fertilizing the eggs of Rachel and Brittany.

Their parents met in “Up With People” like the Mr Berrys and they totally rock karaoke. I mean – seriously here.

Welcome to Glee Club! Clearly a group hug is in order as the newbies and grads celebrate the restart of New Directions.

Go Titans! Let’s finish up Homecoming with a song, shall we?

“Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a fun whistling tune about home and friendship, and what better to put a bow on this one? Grads and newbies alike join in, and at the end they’re all on the field for fireworks and festivities as everyone celebrates.

Everyone is full of smiles and song around the bonfire – until Kurt spies Dave and Blaine cuddling in the back of a pick-up. He stops singing as Rachel joins him; eyes are met, sad faces are made. Some relationships are not as warm and welcoming as they once were.

Some people aren’t home yet.

Cue the fireworks.

Look at all these productive members of society! Who would have thought it?

Look at all these productive members of society! Who would have thought it?

Another strong episode to kick off the season. Fun music, great intros to the meta-rific newbies and a continuation of the themes and lessons that are fueling us into the future. Will Glee Club succeed? Will Rachel find redemption? Will Kurt and Blaine be Kurt and Blaine again? Can friendships survive the fierce nature of show choir?

We shall see.

Tere’s Episode Round-up:

What made me laugh: “We all have girlfriends!”

What made me sniffle: The ending moment of the episode – things are getting better, but they aren’t quite fixed.

What made me side-eye: While I love the actress, yet another Becky Jackson diatribe felt harsh and tiresome.

What I’m listening to on repeat: Samantha Ware wins all the awards. “Tightrope” is absolutely amazing.

What I’m looking forward to next week: Carole, Alanis, and angst? Come to momma.

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