Glee S6 Ep2 “Homecoming”

In the McKinley locker room, Kurt greets Spencer (Marshall Williams) the post-modern gay football player by showing off his catching skills, which he doesn’t have but no matter! Kurt’s triumph as kicker led to the synchronicity between Glee Club and football – just ask any of the guys back for Homecoming.

Spencer: “So why aren’t they here trying to recruit me?”

Spencer isn’t interested in Kurt’s pitch and he sure as heck doesn’t think he owes Kurt or Glee Club anything. Nor does being gay bond him and Kurt together. Despite residing in the same ten percent of the population that would prefer Andrew Garfield to Emma Stone, they don’t have anything in common.

Things are different now. When two guys gave him trouble for being gay on the team, they were kicked off. And when they went after him, one ended up with a wire-up jaw and the other is still running. So Spencer isn’t saying no to Glee Club because of the gay thing – he’s saying no cause it sucks.

Well, that went badly. Also he doesn’t like Gaga. What?!

Rachel sends Jane an encouraging text as she waits, then Blaine brings her into the common room to audition for the Warblers.

And well – two things are quickly evidence. Jane has enough talent for the Warblers and they really are all straight!

It takes about two lines in on “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae before Warblers begin jumping up to dance and sing with Jane. Samantha’s voice is fantastic and her energy pops. Of course these boys are won over! Blaine 2.0 attempts to break up the dance party but even he can’t keep a smile off his face as she hits the high note. They shake as the Warblers clap in appreciation.

Good job Jane!

Hey, it’s the Tea Party Club at McKinley! This is not a surprise at all… Into the discussion on protecting McKinley’s borders comes Puck, Tina, Quinn, Mercedes, and Sam. They’ve brought muffins, as representatives of kids who used to belong to conservative clubs (like the Celibacy Club and God Squad) like them. And they’re here to talk about the merits of hanging out with folks who aren’t exactly like you!

Then Puck calls them losers and tells them to join Glee Club!

Let's get this party started! Bring music to the people in the cafeteria as is the tradition of our people!

Let’s get this party started! Bring music to the people in the cafeteria as is the tradition of our people!

Unfortunately, the TPers don’t take kindly to that. As the most popular club at McKinley (“What!?” cries Tina), they are here to fix the mess created by Barack Obama, the homo-elite, and then something about the Muslims.

Mercedes: “Oh hell no.”

She revokes the invitation to Glee because they don’t need haters like these club members. There is snapping and storming out – hell, they even take their gift muffins with them. As a parting shot, Sam brings up Quinn’s hook up with Santana, which they could have started with and maybe changed some hearts and minds.


Side bar: While played for laughs, this is actually a moment of growth for Glee Club. They aren’t McKinley losers – they don’t have to put up with people treating them badly, even in the name of the Glee Club. They aren’t desperate for members – they want people like them. Of course “they” have to evolve into who they are, and that’s what Glee was for, but things are different. They have other ideas for the new generation. And isn’t that the point? You want them to struggle less.

Blaine sadly tells Jane that the Warblers voted to keep the brotherhood and rejected her application. Jane is shocked – what is she going to tell her dad? Well, says Blaine, she’s going to tell him it’s not over. He’s going straight to the Board of Directors, and he’s laying his job on the line. Jane will be a Warbler.

On the other side of the “keep out” issue, at Dalton Blaine is convinced this is wrong and needs to be fixed. Even if Jane doesn’t quite understand fighting to join a club that doesn’t want her, Blaine does.

Blaine: “Sometimes if you want to change things, you have to make a little noise. I can fix this, I just need a little time.”

Oh hey, another sign post!

Back at McKinley, another set of grads is making their appeal. In their sexy alumni uniforms, the Unholy Trinity marches out to the football field with Artie in tow. Time to show these kids a little musical sex appeal.

Ariane Grande’s “Problem” is on tap, as Santana, Brittany, and Quinn take over the football and cheerleading practices with a shimmy and shake. Artie’s on back-up, as are a marching band and the cheerleaders. (Hey, aren’t those sorta arts, what with the music and dancing stuff? Just saying.)

Much like the cafeteria – folks are into it! See, sex sells.

Hey, who wants to join New…

Oh. Kitty.

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