Glee S6 Ep2 “Homecoming”

Glee - Kurt Hummel, S6Back at McKinley, in the Becky Jackson Memorial Computer Center/Choir Room, Kurt and Rachel are sorting music. And trying to sort out this whole “who is in c0-charge?” thing. Well, they can table that until they actually have a team and wait – first things first. Rachel is organizing chronically while Kurt is organizing by emotion and it’s just a hot mess, okay?

Kurt thinks Rachel is focusing on the wrong thing. Times have changed – you can’t just post a sign up sheet. These kids don’t care about the arts. They need to be shown that Glee is possible.

Alone, Rachel hears a voice coming from the vents. A great voice. A great voice disembodied and taunting as she runs around the hallways. Where is it coming from!? The mystery man isn’t in the showers, but Rachel finds Sam in the hallway. She asks if he hears the singing, but he thinks she’s referring to the high-pitched ring in his left ear.

The singing stops and Rachel gives up. She knows she heard someone.

In the McKinley auditorium, Kurt and Rachel make up. He was right, about everything! She was hiding but now – thanks to the mysterious voice – she knows these kids are here at McKinley. Hiding in plain sight. She just needs to give them something big to bring them out.

So she got on the phone…and cause it’s Homecoming…

The stage lights go on and Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes are there! Artie, Sam, Quinn, and Puck join the hug-a-thon on the stage. Oh hey, Tina!

But first, Sam needs to check on something with Mercedes.

Sam: “Are you still a virgin?”

So romantic.

In the choir room, Rachel and Kurt try to impart the importance of what they’re here for. Glee Club did so much for them – it sent them into the world and now it’s brought them back, as directors and the competition. They need to get the word out into the school, show these kids what they are missing.

Oh, and rattle Sue’s cage because bonus!

The number is fun and fabulous, colorful costumes and original video animation. There’s no denying that the McKinley students get caught up in the singing and dancing, down the halls and winding up in the cafeteria.

Oh and Sue? Is not happy.

Roderick is the "poster child for Glee" which means he should probably run now.

Roderick is the “poster child for Glee,” which means he should probably run now.

It’s time to meet another new new person – this time it’s Roderick (Noah Guthrie), who wears his headphones down the hallway as he hassled by “McKinley douchebags” – who it seems haven’t bothered to even speak to this transfer student. Basically his senior year is sucking.

Fortunately, Roderick has his boys – his music.

Roderick: “Music might be my only friend, but it’s the only friend I need.”

Well, maybe other friends would be nice. People to talk to? He wanders up to the sign up sheet, earphones on, only to be accosted by a very hyper and excited Rachel.

She latches onto to him, leading him into the choir room, speaking at a pace only squirrels can hear. Auditions are next week, prepare two songs – clearly Roderick isn’t ready for the special brand of Berry being laid on him. He begs off and runs, as Puck (looking slick in his uniform, btw) enters.

He points out she scared him away – which is not good for business.

Let’s check in at Dalton, shall we?

Blaine chases Jane down the stairs. He offers her the audition but Jane eye-rolls it down. She has to try out in order to prove she’s talented enough for them to overturn their discriminatory practices?

Well, yes.

Blaine points out that the Warblers have existed as a males-only group since the War of 1812. (They hummed for President Harrison on his death bed!) The point is, sometimes change is scary. And would she consider swallowing her pride and showing the Warblers what she’s got?

But first – a session with the show choir great, Rachel Berry, who Blaine introduces to Jane. Even though they are mortal show choir enemies, Rachel is a woman and she wants to support Jane in her fight.

She gives her some tips on stage presence and commanding an audience, but the most important thing is her song. The most played song on her phone is the one she should go with.

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