Glee S6 Ep2 “Homecoming”

After the super strong final season premiere, Glee’s season six immediate follow-up was “Homecoming.” If “Loser Like Me” emphasized crawling back home to find your way again, “Homecoming” is about finding home for the first time – or celebrating all the good times you had (while conveniently glossing over the bad.).

For those of a certain age, you can immediately recognize the “line drawing to real life” spot that opens. The A-ha video for “Take on Me” – which, no surprise, shows up later. But first, we get a voice over from Mr. Blaine Anderson who reminds us that in an ever-changing world, there are only three things you can count on: death, taxes, and Dalton Academy. The other thing you can count on is a dapperly-dressed Blaine, walking through the halls of Dalton with a big smile, high fives, and hand shakes. Oh yes, this is his true home and he shines here.

Because after the break up with Kurt? He was devastated. The entire life plan he’d been dreaming off was tossed aside and he had to find his way again. His therapist advised him to concentrate on the thing he loved most – music – but (with a flashback to shaking hands over a keyboard) he couldn’t.

Enter coaching the Warblers. He drops into his office chair and lets out a joyful note as he kicks back.

Now grounded, he can play around with boundaries. Like, dating Dave! And maybe trying life sans gel. He washes the half bottle off his hands and goes to work, only to be greeted with cries of “terrorist!”. Okay, not playing at Dalton.

But change is good.

An un-gelled, hipster clothes-wearing, non-bowtie clad Blaine comes up to Sam at the Lima Bean and scares the hell out of his bestie. In fact, said bestie doesn’t even recognize him.

Sam: “I don’t care what your name is, I’m not into that stuff.” Perhaps fearing this curly-haired gentleman was trying to sell him homemade beer or a subscription to “Hipster Daily.”

Glee - Blaine Anderson, S6Side bar: Blaine dressed like a version of Darren Criss is hilarious, disturbing, and a true testament to the transformation the actor undergoes. He’s never quite been burdened with the role of Blaine – his talent is recognized, not typecast – and this is a good example of why. Separating them isn’t difficult, from clothes to hair to mannerisms and voice.

This romp into radical change makes Blaine realize he doesn’t want to be different – he wants to get back to the man he once was. A Dalton man, where the one thing you can count on is nothing ever changing.

Hey, about that.

As he cheerfully goes to his Volvo in the parking lot (oh BLAINE), he is approached by a girl in a Dalton blazer. This is mildly surprising, as Jane (Samantha Marie Ware) explains that her father and uncle went to Dalton and as she was relegated to a terrible public school with no arts program, they fought a Title I case against Dalton and won. Blaine is quite surprised by this, but yay Jane.

Then she announces she wants to be a Warbler.

Dun dun dun!

Side bar: Samantha Marie Ware is delightful and Jane – much like the new New New (how many news is that?) Directioners – all very meta in their placeholders in the story. One part Rachel, one part Mercedes, one part Kurt, all neatly dressed up as a Warbler. She’s strong and determined and sure of her talent, but not connecting to a place or people where she can find her place.

Let’s trek back to McKinley, where Homecoming means McKinley graduates have arrived, and while Sue talks smack about them during the morning announcements, Rachel cheerfully walks through the hallways, encouraging folks to sign up for glee club. That is not going well, as it seems only “Harry Scrotum” is interested. Sigh. Things are capped off by Becky throwing a slushie in her face and calling her a Lima Loser.


At Mr. Schue’s, Rachel chats with Kurt, Sam, and Will about her struggles. The slushie was damn cold but a reminder to Rachel she’s been the underdog before – she’s embracing her roots. They settle down for a lovely child-and-wife-free dinner which is weird, but whatever. Rachel and Kurt have a little verbal bump, as they clearly haven’t worked out “assistant” versus “co-teacher.” Awkward.

The doorbell rings and that discussion is saved by the arrival of even more awkward in the form of Blaine, who is quite shaken from his Jane run-in, which gives Kurt the opportunity to stare at him longingly and do that “I’m fine, really but no” tiny smile thing.

The grads come up and fill the halls with music! Sue must be delighted!

The grads come up and fill the halls with music! Sue must be delighted!

Blaine settles down and Will lays out the important ground rules of their upcoming fierce show choir competition. No stealing of set lists, no spying and no poaching. “And always be supportive and clap for each other, no matter what,” says Sam, because he is a nice man.

Now that that’s settled, Blaine brings up the “A girl wants to be a Warbler” thing and the whole table gives him some important reminders: don’t be on the wrong side of history. Let her try out – what’s the worst that can happen?

The worst, apparently, is a room full freaked out Warblers and the council, who put that gavel to good use as chaos erupts. A girl Warbler? What’s next? Squirrel Warblers?! Does no one think of the sexual tension if they allow a girl in?

Blaine: “Aren’t most of you gay?”

The Warblers explode in another wave of outraged outrage, saucily declaring they have girlfriends. They ALL have girlfriends.

Side bar: Hilarity. Also? Watch the credits for the Warbler’s “names”. A more serious glance at this sees echoes of Kurt’s first exposure back in season 2. “Are all you guys gay?” is a whispered question, asked timidly. Blaine says it with easy confidence. They’re in different places in time and wisdom and experience – but then so are the Warblers.

Blaine takes their word for the girlfriend thing, then makes his case.

Blaine: “Dr. King said the arc of the universe bends towards moral justice.” And shouldn’t the Warblers be on the right side of history, show some inclusion and equal rights?

The squirrel argument sparks up again so Head Warbler, aka Blaine 2.0, tries for a compromise. They won’t make a decision until after they are sure she has talent.

All in favor, acapella-aye!

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