Castle S7 Ep11 – Castle, P.I.

I should really know by now that this show knows how to add tension between Castle and Beckett without making it over-the-top as far as relationship angst goes. What I’m saying is, sure, the two of them were competing for a while this ep, but of course that didn’t last long and didn’t truly threaten either of them. Also, welcome back, Castle.

New career for Castle?

Yes, Castle, she was surprised by your announcement. But this doesn’t read “pleased surprised” to me.

This week’s case is that of a woman named Shaina who worked at an elite preschool, found murdered in her apartment. Castle, banned from working with our gang, decides to make this murder his first case as a licensed PI – because, you see, he’s been studying up and took the test online. Obviously he needed to have watched more Veronica Mars or something, because I’m pretty sure someone needs to actually hire the PI in order for them to have a case. But then again, this is Castle we’re talking about. He wants to work the case in parallel with Beckett & company, but Captain Gates forbids it. So instead, Beckett must work the case without Castle’s inventive ideas to help move things along, and Castle decides he’s going to keep working the case without police resources. This, naturally, leads to a competition to see who will solve the case first, and therefore some hijinks.

It turns out the murderer is a lawyer hired by some shady powerful person to frame a high-powered criminal attorney. She won’t divulge who hired her, but it is proved that it was all an elaborate conspiracy to get Shaina to investigate the death of her boyfriend and think that Mr. Elliot, the lawyer on the fast track for DA, was behind it. And Castle’s investigations end up instrumental to the solving of the case. This, in turn, leads Beckett to be supportive of her husband’s new venture, though they both still miss actually working together.


This whole thing with the dogsitter and the pepper spray was nicely done. Very in-character – and the dog’s cute, too.

Favorite moments/plotlines: Ryan as “Baby Castle”, putting forward the conspiracy idea in Castle’s absence, was pretty great – as was Castle’s delighted reaction to hearing about this. Also, Beckett & Castle deciding to share information, then ‘sharing’ together in bed as they rejoice in how well they work together, was sweet, hot, and then hilarious when Beckett then used what she learned to her advantage. They did a good job of showing both characters’ strengths separately, as well as highlighting how they really should stay a team. But the sweetest evidence of how well these two know each other was Beckett’s gift to Castle to show her approval of his PI work: the Holmesian deerstalker hat and magnifying glass. Aww. You guys.

I’m still guessing this whole enforced work separation isn’t going to last much more than one more episode. We’ll have to see how Captain Gates gets around the infraction that barred Castle from the precinct, while still maintaining the precinct’s reputation.

So what did you think of the show’s first ep of the new year? Amused or underwhelmed? Let us know in the comments.