Reign, S2 E10- Mercy

Mercy. noun \ˈmər-sē\: kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly.

Okay so there are a few other definitions of Reign‘s mid-season finale episode, 2.10: “Mercy”,  but the one above definitely fits how every character acted throughout this episode. From Mary trying to seek revenge on her attackers to Francis literally showing no mercy to every Protestant prisoner at his disposal.

We begin this episode with Mary in bed, unable to think about anything else but her attack. She’s not alone in that regard. Besides the entire Reign fandom, Francis is still stuck on his wife’s attack and wishing more than anything he could find the men who did this. Thanks to Bash, Condé, and Leith (after not being on our television screens for numerous episodes, he’s back people!), Francis is able to collect the Protestant men like trading cards and send them to the castle’s dungeon. And when that gets to full capacity, just have the prisoners stand outside in the freezing cold.

Mary as well is okay with this idea. That is until after combing through the captured Protestants, she has yet to find her attacker(s).

Distraught over not having gained any closure over the attack, she vacates to her old bed chambers (where she will be staying in the meantime because of her current state). She’s beginning to blame herself for the attack. If she would have realized they weren’t her guards. If she wouldn’t have let them in, etc. Francis, who ventured into her room out of worry, immediately tries to stop this thinking. How? By explaining how this whole Protestant vs. Catholics debacle went down: Francis’ murder of King Henry, over which Narcisse has been blackmailing him.

Mary hears what he’s saying obviously, but she’s still fixated on revenge. I don’t blame the girl. Heck, no one should.
Later, Mary invites her ladies in waiting into her room to explain her current situation. Once her secret is out in the open, there is not a dry eye in that room. They comfort her and ask if there is anything they can do. Besides not leaking this information, there isn’t. What’s done is done and Mary is not ashamed of what happened.

However, Lola knows what she can do. She knows of Narcisse’s whereabouts (who shockingly went missing during the Protestant invasion). He should be at one of his villas avoiding danger. Francis tracks him down, and look – there he is sleeping on a pile of hay! Francis tries to fight Narcisse like the Beast tried to fight Gaston (minus all the fur and rain. Well, Francis is wearing a fur winter coat.).But it’s no use. Narcisse explains that if he dies, every bit of his land, money, etc. goes to Protestants. Was this his plan all along? To screw Francis over from the get go? Boy am I glad that I never sailed the Lola/Narcisse ship. There’s nothing left to do now but to send him on his way back to the castle. Oh, bother.

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