The Newsroom S3 Ep 6 – What Kind Of Day Has It Been

After last week, thankfully, the only fault I could find with this episode is that it was a little treacly, preachy, and overly optimistic. And considering that this was the series finale of an Aaron Sorkin show, that’s more of an expectation than a complaint at this point.

The pregnancy is a bit cliched, but Will's grin is adorable.

The pregnancy is a bit cliched, but Will’s grin is adorable.

The episode takes place partly at the funeral of Charlie Skinner, and partly in flashbacks to how News Night used to be, before we as viewers met all these people in the premiere. It’s effective. It’s not so much that it tells us a lot that we didn’t know, but it brings the show nicely full circle: we see just how much of a self-absorbed mess Will was, how pathetic the show was, that Mack was pretty broken after Afghanistan, that Jim didn’t know how to have a real relationship, and that Charlie was wise and determined as ever. We also got confirmation of what Sloan told Don early on – that she had a thing for him almost from the beginning. Kudos to the cast for showing how much these characters have changed.

In the ‘present’, we learn, to no one’s surprise, that Mack and Will are pregnant. They’re both thrilled, and Will immediately wants to both protect Mack and to make sure he lives longer. Watching him nervously put a cigarette in his mouth after telling the crew to help him live longer, and then swear and throw all his cigarettes away, was great. (About time, too.)

Meanwhile, Leona takes Pruit aside and explains the PR problem he has, having to do with misogyny. She counters his defenses by finally telling him that the reason he has the PR problem is that he has an actual problem. It’s a good scene, and I just have to wonder how much Sorkin realizes the truth of it in his own life.

Also, Neal flies back in time to dress down the guy who’s been running ACN’s website. Remember, this was the guy who Sloan already tore up for his stalker app. He probably didn’t deserve to have one of the show’s last pretentious monologues aimed entirely at him because he wants to write trendy things. But at least they didn’t drag Hallie back so it could be her again.

Flashback!Mack drinks during the day, wears sweatpants, and spends time in a bowling alley. Fun.

Flashback!Charlie saves Mack from drinking during the day, while wearing sweatpants and bowling.

Will and the gang, plus a couple of grandkids, end up jamming in Charlie’s garage after the ceremony. It’s sweet and stuff, but kind of random. They all realize what an effect Charlie has had on their lives. Pruit promotes Mack to Charlie’s old job to improve his image with women. That makes Jim the new EP. The episode ends with them all Doing The News Well.

Nostalgia for long-term Sorkin fans: the title of the episode is the same as the S1 finales of several previous shows. Flashback!Will tells the audience, “You’re watching News Night on ACN, so stick around,” just as Dan and Casey used to say about Sports Night. And even Will trying to keep the baby a secret is very similar to how Isaac couldn’t keep his crew from spreading rumors about who was buying that same in-universe show.

Overall, I’ll miss this show. What did you think? Was it a worthy wrap-up? Let us know in the comments.