Getting to Know Glee’s Joaquin Sedillo

Ask Sedillo about favorite performances and it’s like uncorking a bottle. A mention of “Queen” leads to him to Darren Criss. “Darren is a pro. He can sell a song. He’s a very special performer.”

“When Lea did O Holy Night, it brought me to tears.” It’s his favorite performance of hers, although he couldn’t help adding New York State of Mind to the list as well. For Naya Rivera – Don’t Rain on My Parade. Always the gentleman, Sedillo couldn’t resist breaking out some other words to share how he felt. He went up to Rivera afterwards and said, “That was freaking amazing. You kicked the **** out of that song!”

(Rivera was quite pleased.)

He loves Nothing’s Gonna Harm You, and frequently plays that in his car. “When Chord and Kevin did Fire and Rain for Cory’s tribute.”

A particular line in Lea Michele and Chris Colfer’s Midnight Madness sing off of Bring Him Home held particular significance for him as a gay man, relating to the journey of becoming a father:

He’s like the son I might have known
If God had granted me a son.

Another emotional moment for Joaquin was during Blake Jenner’s (Ryder) Everyone Hurts – there were tears from the crew and for Joaquin. He and Jenner are very good friends and at the end of the number, Joaquin went over to hug him, overcome with emotion. “He’s a sweet soul,” Joaquin says.

“Jacob Artist [Jake] sang Let Me Love You – I think it was the second song he did on the show. The crew went crazy.”

Jacob Artist, cast and crewing - killing it.

Jacob Artist, cast and crewing – killing it.

Another time the crew absolutely loved watching Jacob Artist? The fabulous mash-up of Rhythm Nation/Nasty. “The director [Paul McCrane] from the get go had spoken to me about making part of that black and white.” Sedillo had never seen the original video (and still hasn’t!) so he was going by the notes from the director. “And it was one of the times the crew left that set with a sense of pride – we know what we’re doing. This was going to be really spectacular. It was an amazing experience to shoot it.”

So amazing that when director Paul got the cut of the number, he raced to the set and across a parking lot to share it with Sedillo! “He was so happy with how it turned out. SO much pride in our work.”

For the 100th episode, camera operator Andrew Mitchell took ping-pong balls and wrote songs on them, the number and name of each performance. Crew and cast picked favorites from them, including Sedillo, who has them tucked away as a memento.

The 100th episode was also a good way for Sedillo to really see the evolution of the look of the show. Screen captures from every episode illustrated the transitioning, as the characters and the world grew.

A lot of Joaquin's interaction on Twitter involves a little subject called...Klaine

A lot of Joaquin’s interaction on Twitter involves a little subject called…Klaine

Speaking of that growth, Sedillo has some very strong feelings about one of the biggest draws of the show – the relationship between Kurt and Blaine (aka Klaine).

“Life is not perfect and you have to take the good with the bad. You and your spouse get into a fight that doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just a bump in the road. If there is cheating and there is regret and understanding, but there is a mutual decision to move on, that to me isn’t a toxic relationship. It’s about mistakes, it’s about regret, it’s about understanding, and it’s about forgiveness, which is what your life is about.”

It’s clear Sedillo also feels strongly that the story for Klaine is about two people taking responsibilities for their actions. “You have to sometimes take a look at [the situation] and sometimes maybe think ‘that’s something I can forgive’ and maybe I was partially at fault.” He adds, “It takes two to tango.”

“Nothing in life is always or never. Nothing is absolute.”

“Sometimes people make mistakes. If they are sorry and they show remorse, it’s your decision to forgive them. And only your decision.”

Being a part of the phenomenon that is Glee is something that resonates with Sedillo. “I am very big on fulfilling your dreams. You get to be part of a show where children or adults watch this and say, that’s like me. It’s okay to me. If we did six years on the show and if we stopped one person from harming themselves or someone else, it’s worth it.”

And so – without giving any spoilers – Sedillo had this final thing to say about season six. “I think this season is filled with a lot of twists and turns and surprises and even caught up the crew and the actors by surprise.”

“The season coming up there’s going to be a lot of laughter and tears – happy tears, sad tears. Sad stuff, exciting stuff. Stuff that’ll piss people off! It’s going to be a great season. A roller coaster – it’ll be what it’s always been.”

“We are all going to miss it as much as the fans will miss us.”

(Glee returns to Fox on Friday, January 9th at 8pm (EST) with a two-hour episode.)


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