Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., S2 Ep09 – …Ye Who Enter Here

As Agents of S.HI.E.L.D. progresses we get closer and closer to finding out what the mysterious city Coulson and his team are looking for actually is. While this episode drops even more hints and clues along the way we are still left wondering, but at this rate our biggest questions should be answered by next week’s mid-season finale.

Twin or LMD?

Twin or LMD?

“… Ye Who Enter Here” mainly focuses on the team as they search for the hidden city before HYDRA does, but there was still plenty of room to focus on the progression of certain characters and their stories. The relationship between Fitz and Simmons is highlighted as the two of them finally attempt to talk their issues out. Much of their conversation spawns out of both Mac and Bobbi pushing them to go through it. Fitz’s dilemma continues to be a tragic one as he still cannot bare to be around Simmons and still has trouble figuring out scientific problems. Sadly, Fitz’s final decision is to give Simmons full control of the lab as he chooses to join Mac in the garage, but considering what occurs later in the episode that may not happen as planned.

Meanwhile, a portion of the team has their own adventure attempting to secure Raina from HYDRA. These scenes were the more enjoyable of the bunch and even supplied some humor from Patton Oswalt’s Billy and Sam Koenig. Yes, they say they are twins, but considering how similar they are, and how similar the deceased Eric was, it’s possible the Koenigs are in fact LMDs. LMDs, or Life Model Decoys, is a concept briefly mentioned in Marvel’s The Avengers and heavily featured in Marvel Comics. While the show has yet to use the word LMD I still enjoy seeing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tease the idea, and it made for a few laughs.

In securing Raina, we get to see Agent 33 return in her Agent May disguise, although her face is disfigured after her last battle with May. We are even treated to a brief, but enjoyable fight scene with her and Skye. What I found really interesting about “…Ye Who Enter Here” were Skye’s eventual conversations with Raina. Marvel fans online have already theorized that the city they are looking for is Attilan  a city which holds a significant connection to the Inhumans. It certainly seems like Raina’s dialogue hinted at the idea of the Inhumans and the show finally dropping the word “Kree” is a big clue as well. Also, Marvel Comics recently revealed an upcoming variant cover for their Uncanny Avengers title that pretty much confirms the connections between the Inhumans and Coulson’s drawings.

Bobbi and Hunter seem to have rekindled a long-dead romance in last week’s episode. One element of “…Ye Who Enter Here” I found interesting was a brief mention of a secret Bobbi is hiding from Hunter. Seemingly, Mac is (or was) the only person who knows of said secret. While this secret was only briefly mentioned it still had me interested in finding out more of what it could be. Although, I nearly forgot about it when the episode’s conclusion came around.


R.I.P. Mac?

Coulson and his team consisting of Fitz, Simmons, Mac, and Bobbi find the location of their mysterious city. Upon finding it Mac gets infected with something that drives him mad and seemingly gives him super strength. Mac has grown to be a character I’ve really enjoyed seeing on screen, so I was sad to see him lose control and possibly fall to his death at the end of this episode. I’m hoping whatever it was that altered him also kept him from dying. If he did die, hopefully he won’t be treated as an “acceptable loss,” as Fury would put it.

“…Ye Who Enter Here” was a decent episode that dropped a lot of hints of what’s to come. It supplied a few laughs, but ended tragically. Also, Skye’s dream sequence in the opening was pretty weird. I would have to liked to see more Kyle Maclachlan as Skye’s dad. though. He’s been a real treat to watch on screen. He was mentioned enough during the episode. Fortunately he’ll make an appearance in next week’s mid-season finale.

Not only will Skye’s father make an appearance in next week’s episode and will be reunited with his daughter, but it seems we will finally get some real answers about the mysterious city Coulson and his team have been looking for. Raina even promises “we finally get to find out what we become.” I’m just glad this season is progressing towards the answers we crave faster than last season did. Check out the promo for “What We Become” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “…Ye Who Enter Here” in the comments.