Supernatural, S10 Ep08 – Hibbing 911

supernatural s10 ep08--Jody Mills staring at sheriffs' retreat banner

Just before Supernatural’s mid-season finale, we have another Monster of the Week, but this one is worth it. Sheriff Jody Mills is back, as is a character that I never expected to see again but I’m glad we did. Sheriff Donna Hanscum, who first appeared in season nine’s “The Purge,” returned for what the writers promised would be the Supernatural version of The Heat. Considering this show’s track record with female characters, I didn’t have very high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Supernatural s10 ep08--Sheriff Jody Mills and Sheriff Donna

“Mills and Hanscum,” coming this fall to The CW

A sheriffs’ retreat brings together sheriffs from Minnesota and the Dakotas for some reason, and that means fan favorite Jody Mills has to drag herself away from Sioux Falls and her adopted, former vampire teenager. There she meets Donna, who I had instantly loved in the otherwise so-so episode she was introduced in, a happy ray of sunshine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Jody puts up walls to keep Donna away, just wanting to go back home, but when a dead body shows up with a mysterious cause of death, the two of them team up to solve the case.

Now this should be the next Supernatural spinoff idea. Forget Bloodlines, give me these two awesome sheriffs fighting monsters and sticking up for each other in the face of douchey exes. Like I said, this show is not so great when it comes to its ladies, but these two rocked and neither one died, so that’s a win in this fandom. Seriously, I would watch ten seasons of these two, especially if Jody’s adopted daughter, Alex, helps out with their capers by giving them tips on the supernatural over the phone because she was grounded for spray painting the school gym or something. Charlie can be their tech girl. Excuse me for a moment while I write a million letters to The CW to make this happen.

Okay, back to the show. I guess.

The plot wasn’t spectacular. There were vampires and one of them was a sheriff, blah blah. But that doesn’t matter. The plot was just a way to get Jody and Donna together, kicking ass and taking heads, bringing the lovely Donna into the supernatural hunting club. The characters more than made up for the weak plot. The chemistry between these two was amazing. Kudos to the actresses for giving such wonderful performances; I bet this episode was fun to film. Jody’s tough-as-nails attitude combined with Donna’s bouncing ball of joy made this one of the more enjoyable MotW’s I’ve seen in years.

Sam and Dean were also there, in case you were wondering. Despite Jody telling them she could take care of it herself, they show up to help, and Donna remembers them as the two FBI agents she had met the year before. I have to admit that the brothers’ inclusion almost felt like an intrusion, the episode already being capably carried by the brilliant Lady Sheriff Duo.

supernatural s10 ep08--Dean touching where the Mark should be

Living the dream

Sam and Dean did have their moment though. Literally one moment, right at the end, as two bonding scenes occurred simultaneously: one between the brothers, one between Jody and Donna. While Jody offered to teach Donna the ways of the hunt, Dean confessed to Sam that for the first time since he’s been back (the first?) he hadn’t felt like the Mark was in control when he killed the vamps. He said that he was doing fine, which is in complete contrast to what he’s repeatedly reiterated about how once you go dark, there’s no coming back. He also grabbed his arm where the Mark was when Sam was out of view. Maybe he just wanted to feel himself up—who can blame him, he’s Jensen freakin’ Ackles—or maybe he was confused by not feeling the Mark’s push anymore. Or maybe, judging by the preview for next week, he was lying his cute little ass off and could totally still feel the Mark working its murder mojo on him.

Okay, I lied, there was one more genius moment involving Sam and Dean, and that was when Dean told Sam about his FBI badge, “This badge means something.” To which Sam replied, “I made it at Kinkos.” I also appreciated the use of “The Weight” by The Band, because I always love to hear classic rock on this show. It almost feels like the old days.

Next week, Dean wants Castiel to take him out. As in a “killing him in case of evil” sort of thing. Right…