The Flash, S1 Ep08 – Flash vs. Arrow

The moment Flash and Arrow fans have all been waiting for has finally arrived in “Flash vs. Arrow,” part one of a two-night crossover event. The two parties reunite as Team Arrow heads to Central City to investigate a murder involving a boomerang. Meanwhile, Team Flash are having their own issues as a new meta-human with the power to unleash anger and hostility within people arises.


“I heard you heal fast.”

Obviously, the meat of this episode focused on the interaction between The Flash and Arrow. At first, Ollie wants to go about handling his business without the help of Barry and his team, but they are eventually led to assisting each other in their respective cases. This leads to a funny training scene between Ollie and Barry, and several humorous altercations between each team. Seeing Diggle, a man who is usually very calm and collective, get freaked out over seeing the power of Barry’s speed was amusing.

The episode is called “Flash vs. Arrow” for a reason, though. After meeting Central City’s new meta-human who Cisco refers to as Prism (his name in the comics is Rainbow Raider), Barry begins to lose control of his rage and takes it out on his friends. At first his rage comes out in the form of arguments, but then quickly evolves into him pulling Eddie Thawne out of a moving car and threatening him. This leads to the highlight of the episode the battle between Arrow and The Flash. What made this battle so fun to watch is seeing how each character uses their respective skills against each other. While Barry relies heavily on his speed, Ollie relies on his wits and trick arrows. Arrow fans should also be pleased with the battle as we finally get to see Ollie fight someone with super powers. This is rarely the case as Arrow has been a very grounded series pitting Ollie against human criminals.

The fight wasn’t without its humor, though, as we get to see Cisco and Caitlin bicker with Diggle on who would win in a fight, very much in the way real life fans argue about their favorite comic book characters. Fortunately, we never truly find out as Detective West and Harrison Wells come in the nick of time with a device that turns Barry back to normal.

While I loved this episode as it was fun and provided some laughs, there are some things to take issue with. The issues were more apparent to me as I watched it with someone who doesn’t religiously watch Arrow like I do. There are most definitely some viewers out there who only watch The Flash and not Arrow. Those viewers might be confused during some instances as this episode is as much an episode of Arrow as it is an episode of The Flash. A familiar face from the Arrow season two episode “Seeing Red” shows up and a huge hint is dropped that Ollie has a child he doesn’t know about in Central City. Viewers who don’t watch Arrow might have wondered who that girl was Ollie spoke to in the coffee shop. Additionally, non-Arrow viewers might not have appreciated the appearance of Diggle and Felicity as much as other Arrow viewers and I. Hopefully, these character appearances help draw more viewers to The Flash‘s counterpart.

The case of the boomerang remains unsolved

The case of the boomerang remains unsolved

A major change for Barry occurred in “Flash vs. Arrow” as Iris no longer trusts his super hero persona and Eddie has organized a task force against him. These dilemmas should bring some welcomed drama into Barry’s life, though its unfortunate Iris feels the way she does. She may still be Barry’s friend and Barry may still have feelings for her, but that didn’t stop Ollie from dropping his two cents on their relationship. Ollie telling Barry to not pursue a relationship because of the lives they lead is in obvious move on Ollie’s part, but I’m hoping Barry eventually ignores Ollie’s input and proves him wrong.

Overall, “Flash vs. Arrow” was a very fun and funny episode. It not only progressed Barry’s story, but also Ollie’s. I can see fans of both series enjoying this episode. Unfortunately, we never do see this dynamic duo take down Prism which made me feel like a scene was left out, but the main focus was on the battle between these two heroes. In that department “Flash vs. Arrow” didn’t disappoint.

Additionaly, we got to see a sneak peek at what’s become of Caitlin Snow’s supposedly dead fiancé, Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell). Also, Harrison Wells knows The Arrow’s secret identity now. That can’t be good.

The Flash returns next week with “The Man in the Yellow Suit” (promo below), but before that Barry heads to Starling City to continue assisting Team Arrow on their boomerang case in “The Brave and the Bold.” Keep an eye out for my review on that episode soon, until then feel free to let us know what you thought about “Flash vs. Arrow” in the comments.