Castle S7 Ep9 – Last Action Hero

So, I was totally wrong about the fall finale thing. I guess this show’s got at least another week after this one before it goes on holiday hiatus.

He's got it memorized

Castle explains the movie/recites all the lines. Espo & Ryan are unconvinced.

Anyway, this week’s case is the murder of Lance DeLorca, the star of Castle’s favorite action movie of his childhood, Hard Kill. DeLorca had been in NYC as part of the cast of the latest ‘Indestructibles’ movie (a thinly-veiled reference to The Expendables, in case you didn’t get that), but he had told people he “had to take care of something” else while he was in the area, too. The episode guest-stars Ted McGinley and Kathleen York as aging acting stars; oddly enough I know them both best from their work on Sports Night and The West Wing. Kathleen York’s portrayal of DeLorca’s soon-to-be ex-wife was amusingly over the top. I’d watch her in a cheesy action movie any day.

It turns out that DeLorca’s nemesis from Hard Kill, Booth, had a real-life beef with DeLorca, having to do with the drug dealing he did from the club he owned. DeLorca was trying to get his son out from under his on-screen nemesis’s control – the kid that DeLorca hadn’t known was his until he went through leukemia and found him to be a near-match as a bone marrow donor. His son didn’t know this, either. But his mother, married to Ted McGinley’s character, didn’t want anyone to find out and ruin her life, so she garrotted him. As usual, I’d guessed the young man who turned out to be DeLorca’s son was more involved than he let on at first.

Fun things about this episode: Castle being a total fanboy about meeting all his childhood heroes, and geeking out when he gets the chance to watch security camera footage of DeLorca taking out a bunch of thugs in an alley. I laughed/felt bad for Castle when it was revealed that DeLorca never was a Spanish spy in his younger days, as he had always claimed. Also, Castle teaming up with most of the rest of the “Indestructibles” to recover the bug DeLorca planted in Booth’s office was ridiculous but amazing. Nice that the show acknowledged the fact that evidence recovered under such, uh, questionable methods could be a problem, legally speaking.

Beckett is clever

I continue to love how well Beckett & Castle understand each other. Beckett’s punishment fits Castle’s crime perfectly.

I wonder if we’ll see any follow-up with Ryan’s attempt to create a catch phrase of his own after he watched some of Hard Kill. Hee.

Castle telling Beckett that she’s his childhood dream was sweet. Although I suppose a little creepy if you think about it too much.

Lastly, Beckett’s goodbye to her old apartment was a nice ending scene. Of course if you’ve lived somewhere for any real length of time and had the experiences in it that she and Lanie talked about, you’d feel sad to leave it behind. But I am glad that there’s no delay or overdone angst about Beckett moving in with her new husband.

What classic action movie did this week’s ep inspire you to rewatch? Let us know in the comments!