Supernatural, S10 Ep07 – Girls, Girls, Girls

Supernatural s10 ep07--Rowena and two hookers

Supernatural likes to check in every now and then with the main story arc in the lead up to either a mid-season or season finale, and that’s basically the purpose of this most recent episode. It was a good episode and one that touched on all the major plot points introduced so far, as well as introducing a few more.

The teasers for this episode made us think there was a witch brothel, but in actuality it’s a demon-run brothel using normal human women. Sam and Dean get wind of it thanks to a dating profile Dean has set up to bring in ladies for one night stands. I guess he must have gotten tired of the bar scene, or maybe he just figured out dating apps don’t necessarily lead to dating or long-term relationships. Or perhaps picking up women in bars reminds him too much of what he did as a demon, though none of these possibilities was explored. Either way, if I saw a guy with that picture and the name Impala67 on a dating site, I would assume he was cosplaying that Dean guy from those pulpy Supernatural books. Seriously, why aren’t there more accidental interactions with those fans? They might be a small fandom, but they sound as passionate as the real Supernatural fandom. But I digress.

Supernatural s10 ep07--Rowena

That is an I’m-going-to-kill-you smile

Anyway, Dean and Sam discover this brothel but only after the demons in charge have been killed by a mysterious, red-haired witch named Rowena. She’s centuries old and invented a spell that can kill demons. Isn’t that useful? I suppose she must go around killing demons out of sport, because she shows up to kill the demon pimps without any explanation. Rowena has been described by the producers as a way to explore the witch community in the show. That sounds interesting, but my only problem with that is the portrayal of witches has been inconsistent and the way magic works has been left unsaid. Sam and Dean think witches are evil, but they themselves use magic all the time.

Rowena explained that there are three different types of witches according to the Grand Coven: Borrowers, who borrow power from demons; the very rare Naturals, like herself, who are born with it (it’s not Maybelline) and don’t need the power boost; and Students, who are the protégés of a witch or coven. But wouldn’t Students have to be either Naturals or Borrowers? Are they tapping into a different power source as Students? And what about the witches we’ve seen before who have power without demonic intervention, but don’t seem like these rare Naturals either? And again, what about the hunters who use magic but don’t call themselves witches? What is the difference between being someone who uses magic and being someone who identifies as a witch? Is this just an identity thing, like people who vote democrat but don’t count themselves as democrats? That’s what I really hope this storyline will allow the show to explore (the witch thing, not the democrat thing), but I don’t have faith that the writers are even aware of the these inconsistencies.

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