The Flash, S1 Ep07 – Power Outage

Since its pilot the current premiere season of The Flash has been one fun ride throughout. The series has given viewers a unique blend of comic book action, science fiction elements, humor, and soapish CW drama. But like with most shows not every episode can be gold. “Power Outage” turned out to be the first episode that made me say “meh”, but maybe I’m just too excited about “Flash vs. Arrow” premiering next week to care about this episode. All that being said, while this episode did leave a bad taste in my mouth,  it would be wrong to say there wasn’t anything good to come out of it.

New pair of glasses for The Clock King

Tockman got himself a new pair of glasses

A surprising addition to make their way on to The Flash was William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King. Tockman first made his name on season two of Arrow in the episode “Time of Death”. While I welcomed Tockman’s appearance on Arrow, as well as actor Robert Knepper’s sinister performance, his presence just didn’t feel appropriate on The Flash. Although, it is understandable why he’d be chosen to appear as he is a human villain, and serves as a formidable opponent to the human characters on the show. What bothered me most about his appearance was that his skill of precision timing wasn’t adequately used or displayed. It seems all he did was spew out numbers the whole time while unbelievably holding an entire police precinct hostage. This role could have been given to any non-metahuman villain.

What made the hostage situation vaguely interesting was the fact that Iris was able to take down Tockman at the end, though we never see exactly how. This was used to fake us out and make us believe that something bad may have actually happened to Iris, but thankfully nothing did. Still, its nice to see that Iris can handle herself without the help of her red-suited guardian angel.

The main plot of “Power Outage” dealt with Barry losing his powers after facing a man named Farooq, who is referred to as Blackout in the comics. This loss couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Harrison Wells recently begged Barry to push his limits so Wells may continue to expand on his research. Blackout blames Wells for his meta-human state, which requires him to feed on energy constantly. The more compelling parts of this plot related directly to Wells’ relationship to Blackout and the things he’s willing to do to take him down and give Barry the courage to find his powers once again. Those parts are what made this plot worthwhile, but the scenes which show Barry and Caitlin struggling to get Barry’s powers back in order felt uninteresting, even though they did help move the story along.

Every so often we are given glimpses of Wells in his secret room taking down journal entries cataloging Barry’s progress through his highly advanced computer system named Gideon (DC Comics nerds, make of that what you will). After Barry loses his power we get to see Wells panic as his future newspaper changes entirely, further cementing the fact that the future is not certain. Thankfully Barry gets his powers back, and the future Wells expects is going along as planned.


Wells confronts Blackout

The writers of The Flash have been very vague with who Wells actually is. Sometimes it seems like he truly wants Barry to be the best speedster he can be for the betterment of humankind, but most of the time it seems like has sinister ulterior motives. Does he have any connection to the yellow speedster that killed Nora Allen? Is he the yellow speedster that killed Nora Allen? We still don’t know. What we do know is that he does take a blood sample from a deceased Blackout in order to find out how Blackout was able to steal Barry’s powers. Could this lead to the creation of the yellow speedster? If you’re telling yourself that the yellow speedster has already been created so that’s impossible, keep in mind time travel is a factor.

Overall, “Power Outage” wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t fulfill me as much as previous episodes. I found myself getting bored on multiple occasions. Still, it’s always nice seeing our protagonists figure things out without having superpowers as a crutch. Also, there were some funny moments, especially in the beginning as we see Barry take advantage of speed to complete the most minimal of tasks. I still don’t understand how Tockman was able to take a whole precinct hostage with one gun, though. Those cops didn’t even try.

All negativity aside, I really did enjoy the scenes with Harrison Wells and can’t wait to learn more about what drives his character and what his plans really are. But what I really, really can’t wait for is next week’s episode, which will be the first official crossover between The Flash and Arrow as Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen takes on Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. Check out the trailer for “Flash vs. Arrow” below, and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Power Outage” in the comments.

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