Supernatural, S10 Ep06 – Ask Jeeves

Supernatural offers up another Monster of the Week after their spectacular 200th episode, which itself was a Monster of the Week, but one that was awesome. This week really can’t compare, so I won’t even try. I’m going to approach it like when teachers ignore the grade of that one really smart kid who broke the curve and instead grade everyone else on a different curve like that totally didn’t happen, except in this case that really smart kid was a hilarious and heart-warming musical that I fall in love with more and more as I re-watch it. But we’re ignoring that. Onward to this week’s episode!

supernatural s10 ep06--Sam being molested by two rich ladies

Don’t ask

This week was Supernatural’s nod to the movie and board game Clue. It was a murder mystery, which is pretty much the plot of every Supernatural, but one filled with WASPs, and I don’t mean the type we might have seen in that bug episode. Sam and Dean, desperate for a case to keep themselves occupied, take a journey into rich white people country to claim an inheritance intended for Bobby. They received the message via Bobby’s old phone, just like how they’d found out about their father’s storage unit by answering his phone back in season three. Seriously, how many dead people’s phones are these boys holding on to?

The basic plot is that a rich old lady, Bunny, died and her dysfunctional family wants her money. An old trope, but one that Supernatural has a bit of fun with. Sam and Dean inherit a strange key, while things fall into chaos as people start to die, each one supposedly murdered by a ghost. But it’s not a bunch of ghosts haunting the place at once. It’s the maid, a living shape shifter taking on the appearance of the deceased. The maid is actually Bunny’s daughter, and the key that was meant for Bobby went to the attic, where years before Bobby had made Bunny hide her daughter after Bobby had ganked the father.

There wasn’t much to this episode. It was a bit of fluff, light on the plot and character development, probably to act as a breather between the epic 200th and the inevitable angst-fest the series is sure to dive back into nearing the mid-season finale. It made a few references to Clue, but not as many as it could have. Dean calls two of the characters Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard, he refers to the Butler as Wadsworth, and throughout the episode each of the infamous weapons makes an appearance: a wrench, a pipe, a rope, a knife, a candlestick, and a revolver. Unfortunately, that’s where it stops. There are a few high points to the episode, such as when Sam has to deal with rich, middle aged women hitting on him while Dean stumbles across the secret attic by way of pulling on a book that opens the hidden door, but I was disappointed the Clue homage fell apart so quickly as it became just another Supernatural monster hunt.

supernatural s10 ep06--Dean pointing gun

Dean in the kitchen with the pistol.

The most interesting part of it all was right at the end, where the writers like to shove in the brotherly moments and/or character development. Earlier Sam had spoken with the oppressively preppy Dash about family—Dash can’t stand his, while Sam admitted that he gets along just fine with his brother. (Wisely, Sam left out the whole season nine brother-break-up situation.) But as he and Dean confronted Olivia the shape-shifting maid, Sam felt sympathy for her, saying you choose to be a monster and she could choose not to be one. But then Dean killed her with an unnecessary number of shots, ending that revelation. As they drove away from the mansion, their hunter duties fulfilled, Sam tried asking Dean what the heck that had all been about. Was it the Mark of Cain acting up? Was it demon residue? Dean, with all the maturity of a war-hardened, bad ass older brother who has faced down Lucifer himself, turned up the music to drown out Sam’s questions and ignored him. Clearly not all is well with Dean, but which is it: the Mark or the demon leftovers? This is why I still watch Monster of the Week stories: because there’s always something related to the main plot arc that pops up. This was Dean’s first kill after being cured and it was suspicious as all hell. What will happen next?

Well, according to the promo for next week, Dean will start a dating profile, there’s a witch brothel, and Castiel and Hannah may do the nasty, angel style. Oh, Supernatural