The Flash, S1 Ep06 – The Flash Is Born

“The Flash Is Born” introduces a very formidable opponent for Barry Allen named Tony Woodward, a character referred to in the comics as Girder. It’s soon revealed that Tony has connections to both Barry and Iris, which is where the main conflict of this week’s episode spawns from. Additionally, “The Flash Is Born” also sheds more light on Harrison Wells as Detective West requests his assistance in finding the murderer of Barry’s mother, Nora Allen.

Barry faces off against Girder

Barry faces off against Girder

Tony Woodward, the latest meta-human to take on The Flash, has the ability to transform himself into steel, which is an ability Barry has trouble going up against. Adding insult to injury, Tony is quickly revealed to be a childhood bully of Barry’s and former schoolmate to Iris. The dilemma with Tony sees Barry fail twice attempting to stop him, until Tony kidnaps Iris causing Barry to push the limits of his powers further than he has before.

What bothered me about this plot was actually Iris. I understand Iris wanting to continue blogging about The Flash even after Barry warned her that this would bring her unwanted attention from villains. What bothers me is she still doesn’t seem to get that point even after Tony threatens her at her coffee shop. What I did enjoy was seeing Barry become frustrated with failing against Tony each time. While he hasn’t exactly had the easiest time battling his villains, the fact that Tony was a childhood bully of his made this battle very personal. By the end of the episode Barry’s victory is very well-earned as he runs at 837 MPH to punch Tony in the face.

“The Flash Is Born” even gave us a lot of shared screen-time between Barry and Eddie which was a nice touch. We were able to learn more about Eddie as we find out he had felt threatened by Barry when he first started dating Iris, but has since learned to respect Barry and Iris’ friendship. Barry and Eddie spent a lot of time together chasing down leads, investigating crime scenes, and even taking out some of their frustrations on a punching bag. With each scene devoted to Eddie it becomes more evident that he really is a good guy worthy of Iris’ affections.

One of the more compelling aspects of “The Flash is Born” regarded a subplot between Detective West and Harrison Wells. West, convinced that the man who killed Barry’s mother was a speedster himself, requests the assistance of Wells in his investigation. Wells, who we all know knows more than what he claims to, is careful to not reveal anything to West that may incriminate him. By the end of the episode Wells tells West a convincing story of how and why he came to Central City, which had to deal with Wells’ deceased wife, Tess Morgan. I always enjoy seeing Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells tip toe around the facts, convincing people he’s a good guy when we all know he isn’t.

The Flash, S1 Ep06 - The Flash Is Born (04)

Iris is in trouble

The stinger scene that concluded “The Flash Is Born,” aptly titled due to Iris using the name “The Flash” instead of “The Streak” on her blog, was intense. Still working on the case of Nora Allen’s murder, Detective West is visited by the same yellow streak that killed Barry’s mother. His files are stolen and message is left for him. The words “Stop or else” read on his wall over a picture of Iris with a knife stuck through it.

This development will either convince West to stop investigating the murder of Nora or will allow him to be more careful doing so. It’s unclear whether or not West sees Wells as a suspect now that the yellow steak only visited him after he got close to Wells. Whatever he thinks its definitely clear that Wells has some connection to the yellow speedster that killed Barry’s mother.

“The Flash Is Born” was another fine addition to this first season. Barry not only overcame a new villain, but a childhood bully, making him both stronger emotionally and physically. Iris continues to blog about The Flash even though it got her into some big trouble in this episode. Barry should really just tell her the truth. It would probably solve so much. The scenes between Eddie and Barry, and Detective West and Wells were all handled very well. These two relationships haven’t been touched on much previously, so I appreciated the show doing so now. The action was satisfying, although the CGI used during Barry’s final punch came off as a bit strange. Still, this episode was very good and I look forward to the next two weeks. Next week Barry will temporarily lose his powers in “Power Outage”and the following week we’ll see The Flash face off against Arrow in “Flash vs. Arrow.” Check out The CW’s official promo below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “The Flash Is Born” in the comments.