Castle S7 Ep7 – Once Upon a Time in the West

This was a delightful episode that only disappointed me in one small way, which I’ll get to later. It was basically fun from beginning to end.

Across the threshold

Could they be more adorable? I don’t reckon they could.

Our murder of the week is a young woman named Whitney who died of digitalis poisoning in the hospital in NYC, after returning from a trip to Diamondback Old West Ranch in Arizona. The sheriff there is unwilling to investigate the murder without more evidence, so Castle suggests that he and Beckett go down there to investigate for themselves – while posing as a newlywed couple enjoying their honeymoon. Beckett is less than enthusiastic, since she hasn’t envisioned their honeymoon taking place at a dude ranch. She eventually has to give in, though.

Both of our duo end up having fun at the ranch, though Castle is like a hyperactive kid in a candy store. They put on a pretty good act as honeymooners (of course it’s not entirely an act, no matter how Beckett protests that it’s not the trip she wanted), and also find out with help from Ryan & Espo’s investigations that Whitney was down in Arizona to find the father she had never known. Her father had been trying to find some legendary stolen Old West gold. As soon as I saw Keith Szarabajka (didn’t recognize him by name, but immediately recognized his face), I knew he was probably involved in the mystery. I know him best as Holtz from Angel, so I wasn’t surprised when he turned out to be the murderer. I did very much enjoy the aborted showdown between Castle and Holtz, especially the bartender ducking behind the bar, the dramatic music, and the staredown between the two combatants. Hee.

Other things I liked: I’m glad to have good continuity in regard to last week’s wedding, and the fact that Ryan, Espo, Lanie, and the Captain were not invited. They all start out as offended, but it’s the boys who are the most put out. I also like that it’s Captain Gates who brings them around. Because everyone’s on Team Caskett by now. (I do want to hear the song our boys wrote for the wedding, though.)

The Old West atmosphere was fantastic, and I loved how in-character both Beckett and Castle got. If they are going to spend at least some of their honeymoon there, I hope they at least went for the suite, though. That single bed? Yeah, no. I also laughed at Castle naming the horses that pulled their wagon “Ryan” and “Espo”. I’m sure their namesakes would be much less amused if they ever found out.

Closing credits kiss

To be honest, I’d prefer an island getaway, too. But they both have their good points.

My only complaint – and it is a small one – is that, with all the Old West stuff, I didn’t notice any Firefly references. It’s possible I missed a few subtle ones, but I was looking for them the whole time I watched. Seems like it would have been the perfect ep for a few more hat-tips to Browncoat fans of this show. Still, it’s not like that really lessened my enjoyment.

Did you catch a Firefly reference that I missed? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.