Reign, S2 Ep7- The Prince of the Blood

Reign, S2 Ep7- The Prince of the Blood

Remember when it was announced that a new princess was cast a few months back? Well she’s finally arrived via carriage, and is ready to stir up some trouble. Her name? Princess Claude (played by: Rose Williams). Her entrance is quite marvelous. From taking a sip of whiskey (even though she’s underage) to having the guards bow at her feet at first glance; seems like she’ll claim this castle as hers in no time. “Tell everyone that Princess Claude is home.” I already love to hate her (okay, I’ll probably just end up loving her). She reminds me of a somewhat older Angelica Pickles (or for the oddest reason what I imagine Angelica’s doll, Cynthia, would be like. I blame Claude’s high brunette up-do) – if she lived in this time period that is.

Reign, S2 Ep7- The Prince of the Blood

Awkward King and Queen are Awkward

That morning, Mary and Francis are at opposite ends of the breakfast table and it is all sorts of awkward. I do, however, like this quaint little set, I’d like to see more of it please. Mary is speaking with Lola and Kenna, discussing her duties for today, while Narcisse is showing a new law that’s to be passed in France. The law is that everyone must declare their religion in front of the King. If they say they’re a Catholic, that’s great. But if it’s Protestant, they will be executed. Francis and Mary find the law preposterous. But when  Mary and the ladies exit to welcome Francis’ little sister back home, we see the horrid relationship between Narcisse and Francis again. Narcisse is using this law as blackmail. So pretty much, Francis has to abide by this law otherwise his secret about King Henry goes public. Not cool, Narcisse. It’s scenes like this that make me remember that Narcisse is not the kindest person out there. I need to look back at these scenes whenever he’s being sweet to Lola.

Catherine isn’t too pleased to find her mischievous daughter has returned home. She was supposed to venture somewhere else on Catherine’s orders, but Claude begged to return home. She is welcomed back by everyone: Mary, Francis, Catherine, etc. It’s Claude’s introduction to Kenna that has me intrigued. The second she realized that Kenna was Bash’s wife she acts differently to her. She claims she just finds the bead-work on her dress admirable, but I think she just came back to get with Bash and seek revenge on her mother. I’m interested to see this mother/daughter relationship play out. Off in the distance, Mary spots Greer speed-walking her way away from people. Isn’t she home a wee bit early from her honeymoon? Following Greer to her chambers, Mary finds out that not only is Greer slightly injured, but all of their stuff has been taken by Catholics. Yes Mary, Castleroy is a Protestant. Mary fills Greer in on the new law that’s about to be passed. With Greer’s marriage at risk, let’s really hope this law doesn’t get approved.

Bash and Francis meet in private to discuss Bash’s recent task as deputy: spy on Narcisse. Nothing odd has occurred, except that Lola has visited him quite an awful lot. Hmm, interesting. Seeing no point in following Narcisse around, Bash wants out. It isn’t until Francis spills the truth about who murdered their father does Bash begin to see the full picture. Instead of belittling his younger brother, Bash completely understands his reasons. It’s Narcisse that’s in the wrong for blackmailing him. For that, Bash wants to kill him. That’s a tad extreme, buddy.

Mary meets with Francis to see his views on the law that the nobles (Narcisse) are trying to get him to pass. But being under Narcisse’s blackmail, he says that he has to do as the nobles say. Thinking something isn’t quite right with his answer, she goes to the only person she can to help investigate: her favorite bro, Condé. Mary believes that if one noble can oppose the law, then it’s a done deal.

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