Arrow, S3 Ep06 – Guilty

Last week’s episode concluded with quite the shocker as Roy had a dream (or a memory) of him murdering Sara on a rooftop. However, while Roy struggles with his apparent guilt, the real focus of “Guilty” is on Laurel’s new mentor Ted Grant.

Laurel's new mentor has led an interesting life

Laurel’s new mentor has led an interesting life

“Guilty” aims to fill the audience in on the character of Ted Grant and the person he was six years ago. While it may be no surprise to DC readers, general audiences should be surprised to find out that Grant, much like Ollie now, used to be a vigilante. Although he was based in The Glades and didn’t get as much publicity as Ollie. Now he has chosen the life of a mentor, owning his own establishment referred to as Wildcat Gym. The idea that Grant used to be a vigilante adds a lot to the Arrow mythology. Not only do we find out that Ollie isn’t the first vigilante to ever exist in Starling City, but it also opens up the possibility that other heroes might be out there as well.

Unfortunately, a recent string of murders in Starling City leads Ollie believe that Grant is the culprit. This leads to a fun showdown between the two characters in Grant’s secret vigilante lair located at his gym. Ollie, sticking to his “no killing” rule, even manages to stick a boxing glove on the tip of an arrow, firing it into Grant’s head. This was an ingeniously clever wink to the fans of the Green Arrow comic books from DC, as Green Arrow has been known to include a boxing glove arrow in his arsenal.

The man who is responsible for framing Grant turns out to be his former sidekick, Isaac Stanzler. Apparently, when they once fought together, Stanzler killed a criminal and Grant ended up turning his back on him because of it. Now Stanzler is out for payback, murdering criminals and framing Grant in the process. The story played out well enough and led to some sweet action scenes, including a brief fight between Roy and Stanzler and an exciting car chase. While I enjoyed learning more about Grant and his past, his story overshadowed Roy’s substantially. After last week’s episode I had assumed Roy would get most of the spotlight in this week’s episode.

Roy confesses to Felicity

Roy confesses to Felicity

Roy opens up to Felicity about his dream, which leads Felicity to believe that Roy possibly still had Mirakuru in his system when he apparently killed Sara. This revelation causes some drama among the team and some confusing feelings from Laurel, who’s been training to take down whoever was responsible for her sister’s death. I thought this was an interesting development for Roy, and thought I’d be left wondering just how Team Arrow would have to deal with having Sara’s murderer on their team for the remainder of the season.

By the end episode this issue becomes resolved when Ollie, using some techniques he learned in Hong Kong, helps Roy remember just exactly what happened. It turns out he was mixing up his knowledge of Sara’s death with the memory of him killing a police officer in season two. This development was reassuring. Still, Roy’s sudden realization that he killed a cop should weigh heavily on his conscience, hopefully causing some interesting drama for the character in the near future. Meanwhile, Sara’s killer is still out there.

Overall, I’d say “Guilty” was an acceptable episode, but not one of this season’s best. I came out of it reassured that Roy didn’t kill Sara and loved learning more about Ted Grant’s secret origins. The Hong Kong flashback scenes weren’t too compelling, but they didn’t take up too much time and tied directly into Roy’s dilemma. Also, we finally got to see actor Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine) share some pivotal screen time with Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen. The character she plays, Tatsu Yamashiro, is a character I’ve been wanting to see develop since I first heard she would be on the show. Additionally, I’m glad to see Laurel is still willing to train and Ted Grant still wants to train her despite Ollie’s pleas against it. She should become Black Canary soon enough.

The conclusion of the episode gave us the introduction of Cupid, and judging from the promo of next week’s episode she may have a bit of a crush on The Arrow. Check out the promo for “Draw Back Your Bow” below and feel free to let us know your thoughts on “Guilty” in the comments.

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