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supernatural s10 ep05--Sam and Dean surveying the cast of Supernatural the Musical

I can’t end this review without delving into each reference made within this episode, but this episode referenced so many things it was hard to keep track. Let’s start from the beginning:

  • THEN: The “previously on Supernatural“opening simply showed a computer screen as Eric Kripke wrote the title page for his pilot. Basically, everything is up for grabs, and this is your warning for META AHEAD.
  • Almost every title card, even the special ones, flashed on screen at the beginning. Notably absent were season four’s, seven’s, and eight’s.
  • NITPICK ALERT: Chuck said he never included Sam and Dean’s last name in the books, or even wrote it down. But in the play they used “Winchester.” It’s possible that in the unpublished books that were leaked online (representing seasons four and five), their last name was finally mentioned, but I’d wager this was just a mistake on the writer’s part.
  • Dean in a t-shirt working on his car with a classic rock soundtrack. Not only hot, but a great nod to the early seasons.
  • Speaking of early seasons, Dean tossing the gun into the trunk and saying “We’ve got work to do” mirrors the ending to both the pilot and the season two finale.
  • supernatural s10 ep05--Dean's disgust at fake-him singingIdjits and Assbutts
  • Sam and Dean scrambling to think up non-rock star aliases so the fangirls don’t cotton on. The resulting Smith and Smith, “no relation,” comes off like the Johnson and Johnson of Die Hard.
  • “There is no singing in Supernatural.” Dean’s disgust and alarm at a version of himself singing about feelings was absolute art. I call this piece “Gay Panic, Installment One.”
  • “Why are they standing so close together?” Dean asks about fake-him and fake-Sam. “Gay Panic, Installment Two: With Incest.”
  • The last five seasons being dismissed as terrible fanfic. Justification!
  • Dean’s reaction to the actresses playing Dean and Castiel being a couple in real life. “Gay Panic, Installment Three: Blasphemy with Angels.”
  • “You can’t spell subtext without s-e-x.” Actually, it’s that if you rearrange “subtext,” you get “butt sex,” but I guess that was too much for the censors.
  • Dean/Jensen looking into the camera/breaking the fourth wall in response to the subtext joke. “Gay Panic, Installment Four: An Actor’s Angst.”
  • While Dean has a sexuality crisis, Sam ponders why Destiel isn’t pronounced DEE-stiel. Also, he wants in on that fine angel action, asking about Sastiel. How do you think he would react to Sabriel?
  • It’s not a Tulpa.
  • Dean stuck with the Sam girl, Sam stuck with the Dean girl.
  • Dean promotes the gay to save the day, giving a speech encouraging the fangirls to play up their subtext to make the play the most transformative it could be. “Gay Panic, Installment Five: Queerbaiting.”
  • I need these songs on my MP3 player immediately. “The Road So Far,” “A Single Man-Tear,” “I’ll Just Wait Here Then,” and that version of “Carry on Wayward Son” were all brilliant.
  • “Who’s that?” THAT’S ADAM, YOUR BROTHER YOU LEFT IN THE CAGE WITH LUCIFER, YOU IDJITS. Fandom never forgets, but the Winchesters clearly do.
  • supernatural s10 ep05--fake samulet

    Close enough.

    The Samulet. This was the most important part of the episode, bringing it back to the heart of it all. Sam and Dean are brothers who have died and gone to Hell for each other. The amulet Sam gave to Dean as kids represented their love for each other in fandom’s mind, and when Dean tossed it in the trash it broke our hearts. For years we’ve hoped it would make a reappearance, but as Dean pointed out, he doesn’t need an amulet to remind him that he loves his brother. He doesn’t need the Samulet anymore. He has Sam at his side, and that’s what counts.

Next week’s forecast: not as cool as this week, but we’ll carry on (my wayward son)…

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