Castle S7 Ep6 – Times of Our Lives

So, it’s a good thing I knew this ep featured Castle & Beckett getting married, because the whole “alternate universe where Beckett doesn’t know Castle” thing could have been very frustrating. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Plot device

An ancient Incan artifact with legendary, vaguely-defined powers. How convenient!

The murder this week is of a courier, found with his hand cut off so that the bad guys could steal the case he was handcuffed to. But when Rick & Kate find the missing case at an abandoned coal factory, it turns out to hold a mysterious Incan artifact that Rick picks up for some reason. Has he never seen Indiana Jones??? The bad guys burst in, and Castle hits his head while still holding onto the artifact – and thus ends up in an alternate universe. Because he was thinking about whether Beckett might have been better off if the two of them had never met, this universe is a dark, terrible place where Katherine Beckett never asked for Richard Castle’s assistance to solve that copycat murder six years ago. Okay, it’s not that dark; no one has a goatee and it’s not post-apocalyptic, but Beckett, Espo, & Ryan don’t know Castle, and although Beckett’s a captain now, she never solved her mom’s murder. Castle hasn’t been very successful in his life, either.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take Castle long to figure out what’s going on. He worms his way into this universe’s version of the same investigation, via his charm, his knowledge of details of the case, and his successful actress mother. Though Captain Beckett’s not convinced, she’s intrigued. Naturally. Plus she wants to know why Castle killed off Derrick Storm. I thought he answered that in the pilot or thereabouts. There are lots of callbacks to the early days, including Castle getting left in the car at a crime scene and then wandering off. Nostalgia!

So in the end, sinister businessman Larry Moss (Jeffrey Nordling) captures Castle and demands to know what he knows about how to work the Incan artifact. But Castle says he only got it to work accidentally. Sinister Larry Moss doesn’t believe him, but Beckett shows up – and then Castle takes a couple of bullets for her. Since he happens to be holding onto the artifact, that’s when he transports back to the proper universe, of course. By then the bad guys (including Larry Moss) have all been arrested.

Time to go back

Remember the last time a gunshot wound to the chest produced a confession of love from our guy?

When Rick & Kate discuss Rick’s dream, they decide they definitely wouldn’t have been better off if they’d never met each other. But Castle still feels guilty about the pain he put Beckett through during his missing two months. But he’s figured out that the only way they’ll get through this is by getting through it – and so, they get married. Right away. It’s sweet, heartfelt, simple, and beautiful. Kind of sappy, too, probably, but I’m not an objective observer because I love romantic sappiness, and I’ve been waiting for this wedding for a long time. Their vows are not long, but they’re fitting, and perfect for each character. I won’t describe the scene in detail, because if you’re a shipper, I’m sure you’re going to watch it over and over. Caskett at last, indeed.

What did you think? Was the wedding worth waiting for? Let us know in the comments.