Reign, S2 E6- Three Queens

Reign, S2 Ep6- Three Queens

Last episode, Francis told Mary his odd behavior was because of Mary’s lack of bearing an heir. Judging from how this episode opens, it appears this recent reveal to Mary is still deeply affecting her. Francis walks into their chambers, hoping by telling a funny story of one of their guests, things will go back the way they were before. Boy is he wrong. Mary flat out says, she doesn’t want to be fake with him. She appreciates he was honest with her, but she’ll need time to come to terms with it. My heart goes out to the two of them, especially Francis (surprisingly). He was forced to spew this lie at Mary because of Narcisse, and now she can barely look at him!

It appears Catherine is going on a trip. She’s asking that food, the finest clothing and even a warming brick for her feet be packed. Mary walks into her chambers and is told by Catherine that she’s visiting one of the Lords from far away. Mary wants to come with. It’ll be good for her to get away from the castle. Catherine warns it’ll be terribly boring, not to mention the trip itself will take hours. Mary doesn’t mind in the slightest. Besides, isn’t two queens making an appearance better than one?

Kenna finds Lola, reading a letter and glancing out of one of the castle windows. Turns out when Lola’s family got wind that Francis claimed her son, they cut her off. She’s not invited back home nor will they even mention her name! Can this poor girl ever catch a break!? And I thought Kenna’s life was bad, at least she is strong-willed (Lola seems to be more on the soft spoken side most of the time) and is happily married to Bash. Lola continues to say that for the rest of her life, she’ll be dependent on Francis. (Uh, he’s not gonna live that long honey.) She just wants to take her baby and run, claim something of her own. “We’re women, we’re not allowed to have things of our own,” Kenna replies. How unfortunately true that is, especially in that time period.

Catherine and Mary are on their way to the Lord’s party when Mary notices they’re going the wrong way. Catherine lets it slip that they’re actually going to a village instead. Why? So she can give a speech and the commoners can continue to worship her. Pretty cheeky, Catherine. But Mary’s confused. She believed Catherine didn’t care about the villagers whatsoever, and that it was more important to focus on nobles. It is, but the support of 23 million commoners is much greater then the small royal family. I gotta say, Catherine is incredibly smart when it comes to politics and how to uphold law. Their journey is cut short however, when their carriage goes under attack and they are forced to escape. Good thing Catherine has an escape exit on every one of her carriages! They manage to escape and not draw attention to themselves. But now, they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere…dressed as royals. Mary has the brilliant plan to remove all of their jewelry and turn their capes inside out. Congratulations, you now look like commoners! I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this Mary and Catherine interaction so far.

Taking her own advice, Lola is trying to receive her dowry money from the man that handled Lord Julian’s bank account. Seeing how he’s dead it shouldn’t be a problem getting back, right? Wrong. The royals have some funny rules and because Lola gave “Julian” her dowry money and he died, the next in line to receive it was his father. So a man Lola has never met in Hungary has her money and she doesn’t. That blows.

Reign, S2 Ep6- Three Queens

The Simple Life starring: Queen Catherine and Mary

Back to the Simple Life with Mary and Catherine, it didn’t take long for Catherine to injure herself by getting stuck in a fox hole. They’ve been stumbling along in the woods for hours and Catherine is getting pretty cranky (you would not do well in the real world, Catherine). Finally, they spot a village and have some sort of hope at getting food and getting back home. But with no money, how is that even possible? Also, Catherine’s line, “Queens don’t handle coins like shop keepers,” reminded me so much of Julie Andrews’ portrayal of Grandmère in The Princess Diaries. If they ever remake it, I recommend Adelaide Kane and Megan Follows as Mia and Clarisse Renaldo!
Once in a nearby tavern, it’s pretty clear how accustomed Catherine is to the commoner-life. Not at all. She barges in asking for the finest wine and food without even thinking of the consequences. Fortunately, the owner seems nice and doesn’t immediately kick them out. Mary has a more suitable idea. She conjures up the story that they’re ladies maids and just simply want to work for some food and one night’s rest. The owner doesn’t mind this idea. Catherine, not so much.
But not to worry, at the castle, word gets out (courtesy of the royal Scooby Gang: Bash and Leith) that Queen Mary and Catherine have gone missing. They’ll find you guys in no time.

Narcisse has heard about Lola’s bank troubles and offers his help. She doesn’t seem interested; she knows he’s just after something. Tea it turns out. I really think I’m going to like these two as a couple and that scares me. Narcisse is a terrible man (ie. his hold on Francis)! He can’t be likable! Lola shares this news with Kenna and she thinks she should go. And when Lola adds that Narcisse also has the butterfly birthmark from the sex journal, she really thinks she should go.

While the women are waiting to be rescued (how damsels of distress of you), Catherine wants to learn the truth from Mary. Why was she so keen to tag along with her? Mary claims it’s because of a famous shrine, but Catherine gets the real truth out of her. There is a physician in that town that specialized in “woman’s problems.” “I assume you mean infertility, cause other than that no man has an inkling of woman’s problems.” Again, with the girl empowerment dialogue. Keep it coming! Mary tells her mother-in-law about her current relationship woes with Francis. To which Catherine says is normal! The same thing happened with Henry! The conversation is cut short when a royal carriage has arrived. Thinking it’s for them, Mary and Catherine try and high-tail it out of there. But it isn’t. It’s impostors imposing as Queen Mary and King Francis! And the town believes them! What the! And might I add that that’s the same “King Francis” that ordered for a family’s house to be set on fire in the opening scene?! What’s their motive? Okay, it doesn’t take long to figure out that the impostors are seeking for “donations” to fix up their ruined land. Makes sense. What I find so interesting is that no one knows what the real Queen Mary or King Francis even look like. Well, it’s not like they have the internet/television where they could see the royals on a semi-regular basis.

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