Downton Abbey S5E7 – The Great Baby Toss

Downton Abbey S5E7 Daisy

Rosamund and Cora take Atticus’ advice and go to London to track down Edith.  Rosamund and Violet didn’t get a chance to finally break the news of Edith’s love child to Cora, as Mrs. Drewe beat them to the punch, and Cora may never trust Violet again.  In London, Edith says she thought of bringing up Marigold as an adopted orphan to save the scandal.  Cora wants her to do so at Downton and devises a farcical Baby Toss, which makes at least the third Baby Toss for this kid.  At the train station back at Downton, Edith and Cora hop off the train just as Mr. Drewe hops on to meet Marigold.  Edith spies Mary and tells Mr. Drewe to get off with Marigold at the next stop.  The plan is for Drewe to take Marigold back to the farm, later to be taken to Downton as Edith’s adoptee in good faith, though how they’re going to get the enraged Mrs. Drewe to agree to this is unclear.  So much baby tossing, so little time.  Except Anna spies Drewe on the train with the kid.  In a move that seems oddly out of character, Anna later tells Mrs. Hughes about the somewhat strange goings on at the train station.  Anna has traditionally been one to mind her own business if she can possibly help it; that she’d run to Mrs. Hughes with information that could’ve easily meant nothing, seems weird.

downtonS05E07thomasBoth Bateses are acting weird.  Together they’re making plans for the future; thinking about buying a house to retire in someday and the possibility of having children.  But they now have a grudge against Baxter for talking to the police.  Between the two times Bates has been accused of murder, most if not all of Downton’s residents have probably talked to the police about the Bateses.  Yet now they’ve decided to single Baxter out?  I’ll take it as refreshingly petty of them, since they’re usually on the side of the saints.  Thomas meanwhile, is sweet to Baxter.  They’re friends since she took him to see Dr. Clarkson.  Thomas becomes responsible for a lovely outing for Daisy, Molesley, and Baxter, to Mr. Mason’s farm.  Daisy has become discouraged by the slow progress of the Labor government and is considering giving up her studies.  Thomas suggests they get Mr. Mason to talk to her.  Kind of a genius move on Thomas’s part. Patmore writes Mason who invites Molesley and Daisy to the farm and Thomas nudges Baxter to go along.  If you’re reading this show logically, the Bateses seem less than charitable for once, while Thomas is playing the good guy to someone who’s not even Jimmy Kent.  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

On the fringes, Branson has decided to move to Boston with Sybbie and start a new life.  They’ve dangled this thread before and if it’s another fake-out, it’s a lousy one.  But perhaps Branson really will move to America and then be forced to return later for some (hopefully) exciting reason.

Losing Branson is one thing, but Robert is more upset that his dog is sick.  Poor Isis, the beloved Golden Lab has cancer.  Edith slips in her request to adopt a child and raise her at Downton just as Robert is doting over his dying pet.  Nice.  It’s hard to scrounge up sentiment when the show never gave Isis anything to do other than wag her tail at Robert and once get hidden in a shed by a dastardly Barrow during the war.  Still, the closing scene of Cora and Robert comforting the sick animal in their bed might bring tears to even a hardened eye.

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