Reign, S2 E5- Blood for Blood

Reign, S2 Ep4- Blood For Blood

From the looks of it, it seems we have the beginnings of a quarrel between the Catholics and the Protestants. We start this episode with Protestants secretly meeting in a barn. A few seconds later, however, Catholics come barreling in unannounced, setting the place on fire! That’s not the best part though. Castleroy was among the Protestants! Gasp! (Note: This recapper doesn’t know much about religion, and especially not from this particular era. So if you’ve come looking for historical information on this feud, I’ve got nothing. I’m just here for the pretty dresses and accents, guys! I kid…kind of.)

After this scene, I was delighted (like, you don’t even know!) to see we have new opening credits for what I hope to be the rest of Season 2! Personally, I’ve always been a fan of opening credits/theme songs. With some shows, there’s a catchy song you’ll get stuck in your head. As seasons progress for others, you get to see how the characters/cast change/develop overtime. I think it’s lovely and I always gush when I see a newer show, like Reign, construct one. Shows these days seem to think they can just have a quick 5 second title sequence and we’ll be satisfied! Ugh, shows these days! Anyway, I was saddened when Reign stopped including its opening credits halfway through Season 1. But it’s back again and I couldn’t be happier! Comment below your opinions of this. Are you as much of a fan of opening credits as I am?

Reign, S2 Ep4- Blood For Blood

“I’m undressing you with my eyes right now.” Too soon?

Back to the episode! Mary really wants to know where Francis was last night. His “Oh, I was out gambling”, doesn’t fly with her. He spills that he was actually visiting his son. He knows the topic of children/pregnancy is sensitive for the Queen, who recently miscarried. But Mary doesn’t want to be treated like some fragile doll. If they got pregnant once, they’ll get pregnant again. (I’m sitting here, both laughing and crying, because I sadly know that will never happen.) They are interrupted by Deputy Bash and his now-sidekick, Leith. They speak of the recent Protestant attack. Whoever did it must pay, according to Francis.

You guessed it, guys! There’s a special event in this episode. It’s Greer’s wedding! Or at least, they’re prepping for it. The decorations look lovely, but Greer isn’t that into it. Castleroy’s younger daughters are into her, though. Judging by the heart-stricken Mary, she notices this too. Sadness.

It’s Bash and Leith to the rescue! Leith is off to find the injured Protestants, while Bash and his team look for the idiots that would think to hurt them. This scene almost resembles a classic car chase scene on a crime show- but with horses. Leith ends up finding Castleroy and warns him to scram. Can we appreciate the fact that not once did Leith act like a jerk to Castleroy, even though he’s kinda been one to Leith? Leith continues to prove himself superior to Castleroy in my eyes.

In the castle, Kenna’s just minding her own business, when she hears moaning…of the sex variety. Why it’s two ladies getting it on, and Kenna interrupts them. First off, while brief, I appreciate the LGBTQ+ representation and Kenna’s reaction is hilarious; she’s totally fine with it, she just wishes they wouldn’t have done it so out in the open (Fun Fact: Caitlin Stasey is openly queer and that’s really cool). Turns out, there’s this smut-filled journal and I guess the girls got ideas from it? Kenna confiscates it as punishment. Really? Or do you just want to read what’s in it?

Francis is just doing his royal duties when he notices a peculiar object on his pillow. It’s part of the jousting stick he used to kill his father with! Flashbacks ensue. Just as he’s about to investigate and speak to Caroline, Mary grabs his attention. She updates him on the Protestant vs. Catholics fiasco. He’ll deal with it later; right now he has King Henry on the brain. He confronts Caroline, and she has no idea how she got in this vicinity. Francis shows her the bloodied stick he found, and she cries in hysterics how these weird occurrences keep happening to her! Poor lass. It’s the infirmary for her.

The urgent matters of the Protestants really come to Mary’s attention when they bring forth to her a dead believer of the religion. A fellow castle-goer remarks that their kind shouldn’t be allowed to step foot in here. Mary orders that these people be respected in her castle! I touched briefly on this in last week’s recap, but I adore how open minded the younger generation is on this show, versus the old; a bit like modern times, don’t you think? Conde sees what’s going on and immediately recognizes the man. That’s his nephew! He weeps for his loss and I couldn’t be sadder. Conde’s nephew was sent to this part of France because they were more tolerant, and now look what’s become of it. Conde wants punishment for whomever did this. Francis agrees, but it’s not that simple. Catholics are the most respected and it’s what the throne is most used to, they can’t up and welcome Protestants just yet. They’re in quite a pickle. I feel for both parties to be honest. Conde wants justice and Francis doesn’t want to rule like his father.

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