Gracepoint – Season 1, Episode 5

Last night’s Gracepoint episode was absent much of the distinction that it gained in last week’s episode. The fifth episode went back to more of a Broadchurch spin, closely mirroring that of Broadchurch’s fourth episode with a few refined differences. This episode covered the finding of the mysterious boat, the memorial service, and building tensions. One thing Gracepoint did deliver was the unveiling of more secrets. With that, of course, comes more suspicious behavior and lots of anger raging everywhere.

gp_sc537_0098_hires2Susan Wright came out of her cocoon, becoming a highlight of the episode as she searched for employment in various areas around town. Too bad she forgot her social security number didn’t match her name when she turned in an application to Gemma. It seems a little unbelievable that if Susan’s gone to such lengths to run from her past that she would carelessly forget that her social security number led back to her true name, Ruth. Particularly when Gemma runs to Kathy with the information. Then the whole premise under which Susan questioned Gemma about Carver then let it go didn’t sit right either. Seems like someone is searching for information. Thankfully, Gemma almost seemed protective of Carver without cause. She hasn’t received much more but a grunt in return from the man, even when she called the paramedics after he collapsed on the floor.

One big distinction in this episode was that of Detective Carver. Carver showed the audience a darker side during his confrontation with Raymond the resident psychic. Not only did Carver threaten Raymond to stay away or “live to regret it” but even gets physical. That was definitely a new side to dear Emmett as he unleashed his inner bear, manhandling Raymond out of the Solano house. He lets his temper flare, pulling Raymond from the house despite his and Beth’s protests, and throws him against the van threatening to lock him up if he doesn’t stay away. Who knows – with the anger Carver apparently has maybe he could have even been the one to bash Danny’s head in.

Thankfully, he calms down enough to make it to dinner at Ellie’s. Talk about some great comedy while watching Carver attempt to human. The poor guy isn’t used to life outside of work and as a hail Mary buys chocolate, wine, and flowers in an attempt to be agreeable. Of course with Emmett that can’t last long. When Ellie informs him she plans to call him by his first name rather than sir, he shuts her down equating using first names to being in group therapy. Which, whether or not he intended to, that’s what dinner turned out to be. Carver revealed he’s divorced, has a seventeen year old daughter, and that they had moved to Rosemont in order to be by his ex-wife’s family. The dinner scene also turned out to be many viewers’ favorite, as Carver asks Joe about how irritating Ellie finds him and Joe calls Carver a terrible boss, making them both erupt into laughter and befuddling Ellie when she comes upon the two of them sharing a moment.

gp_sc512_0307_hires2It’s fair to say that Paul Coates gets more suspicious by the episode. The creepy insomnia and watching Ellie and Beth’s late night conversation only adds to his eerie demeanor. Additionally, the thing that every viewer so desperately wants to know hasn’t been answered yet! Why did he leave Gracepoint after high school? Or, possibly even more important, why did he come back? His connections to the Solano family are just too sketchy. Especially with the severe hatred that Mark has aimed at him.

Hopefully next week’s episode will shed more light on the mysteries of Paul Coates. That is, if Mark’s dislike for him doesn’t result in something more serious. What we do know for sure is next week’s episode promises to ramp up even more, as Beth finally tells Mark she’s pregnant and decides to confront Gemma about the affair. Also, Jack tries to hide as his past comes out, and the town lynch mob chases him down after deeming him a pedophile. Make sure to tune in November 6th at 9pm EST/PST and let us know in the comments below what you think of this week’s Gracepoint episode. Do you like the aggressive side of Carver? Could Mark’s temper have gotten so out of control that he killed his own son? Or is you eye on the sneaky reverend?